Words matter

Words matter

Speaking with a mindset of abundance and self-validation is so much better than limiting yourself.

I’ve been talking to my cousin about something he’s coaching others on, and it’s very insightful stuff. I’m not doing his coaching specifically, but I am listening to what he’s saying and it makes a lot of sense.

Imagine you are a leader with a long daily commute. You love your job. You love your opportunities. Maybe the drive is getting old. 

If it helps, that’s me. I’m bringing you into my life for a minute.

Now, you are talking to someone about life, and you say something to the effect of things are going great at work, but the drive gets long.

Sounds honest right? Maybe positive, but also a little worn out. 

If this is what’s coming out of you, there’s a big question: what are you saying to yourself? Are you energizing yourself? Are you setting yourself up for success?

Also, remember, you choose this; you choose to have this commute, you choose to live this way, so why dismiss it with negative emotions?

It’s your choice! Why complain?

Are you living a life of appreciation and abundance, or are you living a life of cynicism and scarcity?

What you should say would be more like, “Things are going great at work AND I get a lot of time to listen to audio books, catch up on music, and do vendor calls that I would otherwise sit in an office and stare at a wall to do.” 

Now it shouldn’t feel like a burden, especially if you are telling yourself that as well. 

After all, you worked hard to get to do those things, why would you make them smaller than they are and fail to see your own value at the same time? 

A lot in this life comes from what you put out there both to yourself and to others. Remember to think and speak in a mindset of appreciation and abundance because you deserve to feel good about what’s happening in your life.

Also, as a leader, consider this – people listen to and model what they hear. If you are unconsciously advertising the acceptance of barriers, you are reinforcing that as okay to those you lead.

People model behavior; take the opportunity to make your behavior worth modeling.