The GreatNews.Life Team in my eyes

The GreatNews.Life Team in my eyes

I am not much of a writer, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and give it a go. Since I have only been here for a little over 4 months now, the thing that has impacted me the most in that time is the people I work with. With that in mind, I decided to reflect on what I have learned from each person in the office that I work with on a daily basis, and what they each mean to me.


Getting to work closely with you has been a blessing. I have learned so much more about leadership and “shark mentality” than I ever could have from a textbook. The passion you display for this creation you have built is incredible, and the way in which you care about each and every one of your employees is something you rarely see from a business owner nowadays. You have given me real world business experience and I continue to learn something new from you every day I step foot inside the office.


Your confidence is inspiring. Confidence has always been the #1 thing holding me back from really considering a career in “sales”. But you have shown me that a career in sales is more like a career in people skills. You are so relatable to everyone you meet and you just have this aura of confidence and kindness around you that everyone seems to gravitate to in the sales world. Without ever taking a sales call by myself, I am already 10 times better at it than I would have been when I first started without your guidance.


The balance you display between work hard and play hard is incredible. You do an amazing job of locking into your work and not letting any amount of work trip you up or get you off focus. Yet, simultaneously you have a great relationship with everyone in the office and everyone feels like they can connect with you. That balance is something I strive to capture every day and I learn more from watching you lead by example every day.


The compassion you have for everyone in the office is unmatched. I feel like I can talk to you about anything and always have an ear that is there to listen. You are also always there for me when I have dozens of questions every day when I have no idea what I am doing, and you are always willing to walk me through all my questions no matter how simple or complicated they are. You always make me feel important, and that is something I try to convey to everyone else in the office in the same way.


You’re a coach, through and through. Your coaching background comes through in everything that you do. People that have only known you for a few months respect you so much and you just have a fun and positive energy about you that draws everyone to rally with you. You have quickly become an integral part of this team in such a short amount of time, and your under-the-radar leadership is more valuable than you know.


You are the office mom. There is no better way to put it. Kind, nurturing, and caring, There is always so much you do that goes without you receiving half the credit you should. No matter how many things get thrown your way, you are always calm and collected, and always reliable. You are like the mama bear protecting all your “cubs” while we are not even aware of all the “dangers” you are protecting us from because you are so calm. Without you, everyone’s work-life would instantly become 5 times more difficult.


Always calm, always cool. You are always passionate about any project you take on and it shows in the outcome of your work. Your biggest “enemy” is your own ambition. Any project you have your sites on, your goal is never to just get it done and cross it off the list. Your mindset is always “How can I take this idea and make it 10 times better”. That ambition is contagious and you make everyone want to take their work to the next level.


You never shy away from a challenge. Some of the stuff that gets thrown your way would just be overwhelming to most, but you just take it in stride and are amazing at coordinating with your team to get it done. Your effective communication helps everything in the office run smoother, and your social media skills raise our brand awareness to heights we have never experienced before.


Let’s just say my work life would be a lot more boring without you here to pick on. Always energetic, always up for a laugh, and always entertaining. Your ability to have so much fun while getting all your work done makes everyone’s life better in the office. The vibes are good, the work gets completed, everyone wins. You are always willing to help wherever you can regardless of what is asked of you. A great attitude makes all the difference in the world and you are a perfect example of that. Thanks for keeping my work life always fun and entertaining.


I can’t say enough about your attention to detail. I love working with you because I never have to worry about something not being caught or slipping through. You catch every tiny little detail and are always so quick to fix it. You also do an incredible job at explaining tech things in a way my non-tech mind can understand, without making me feel dumb or being condescending. I really enjoy tackling big projects with you and I look forward to many more.


You are witty, punny, and overall just fun to be around. Regardless of what is going on around you, you always have positive energy and kind words to offer. Your smile brightens everyone's day around the office and your productivity level is always high. You’re also the best dang proofreader on this side of the Mississippi.


As one of the only people to be here for an even shorter amount of time than me, I think I speak for everyone when I say we are glad you joined our team. You are dependable, always willing to step in and help where you are needed, and your bad jokes are still pretty funny occasionally. You are the type of guy that makes for a good friend and a great co-worker.