Lemon Lake turns 50 this year

Lemon Lake turns 50 this year

This time of year beckons us all to go outside to see the beautiful fall colors and enjoy the warmer temperatures before winter arrives. The ideal place to enjoy the outdoors is closer than you think. Lake County Parks Department’s Lemon Lake is the perfect place to escape from the world while staying close to home.

Lemon Lake has been a refuge for Northwest Indiana residents since 1972, and it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

“Lemon Lake is still one of those places where I can walk the woods and feel like I am somewhere else,” Lake County Parks Department Communications and Marketing Director Emily Trisler said. “It’s a nice little escape to remove yourself from the world while still getting to be so close to home.”

Within its 402 acres, Lemon Lake boasts a dog park, hiking trails, sand volleyball courts, five disc golf courses, a playground, and much more.

Due to its large size, Lemon Lake allows even repeat visitors to remain inspired by wanderlust.

“I think that there's a lot to be explored,” Trisler said. “Every time I go back with my family, we find a new little area to hang out in or explore. It's never the same trip twice.”

The Lake County Parks Department was established in 1968, and almost immediately after its inception, members purchased the land for both Lemon Lake and Deep River Parks. Lemon Lake was the first Lake County Park to be dedicated.

Despite this momentous event, Trisler notes that the Lake County Parks Department sees this 50th anniversary as a way to honor the department’s vision of inspiring residents to go outside.

“We hope that people can enjoy Lemon Lake outside of a celebration,” Trisler said. “Lemon Lake is something that should be visited in its own right–without an agenda.”

Offering something for everyone, Lemon Lake is both a place of solitude and a place to visit with others.

“Lemon Lake has the recreation piece,” Trisler said. “It has playgrounds and kids running and enjoying being outside. It has hikes. Lemon Lake lets visitors get both of those experiences in the same trip– the quiet and the rambunctious.”

Lemon Lake is open from 7 a.m. to sunset year round.

Visitors can travel to Lemon Lake at 6322 W 133rd Avenue in Crown Point. Specific information about park offerings is available on its website.