Keep Your Compressors Clean and Your Business Going with CompressAir’s Maintenance Services

Keep Your Compressors Clean and Your Business Going with CompressAir’s Maintenance Services

Compressors need maintenance just like any other piece of equipment. It may seem pretty straightforward, but inside, the machine houses plenty of parts that need regular maintenance and testing to be sure they’re functioning properly. Adequate maintenance could be the difference between staying in business and having to shut a compressor down for a few hours of service.

CompressAir works hard to bring quality service to the compressor industry. They recommend taking the environment your machines live in, and their use, into consideration when creating a preventative maintenance plan. They’re there to help develop plans and maximize the life and efficiency of your compressors. To do so, they recommend basic service that can be upgraded and tweaked based on individual need.

Basic preventative maintenance should be performed at 2,000 hours or every six months. This maintenance includes a change of the fluid filter, air filter, and fluid sampling. A full series of preventative maintenance is recommended at 8,000 hours or yearly, and includes all of the above as well as a change of the separator.

With those basic guidelines in mind, it’s always wise to take a more thorough look at your compressor and the needs it may have. Environmental factors, use, and age can all be factors that demand a change in preventative maintenance routines. Luckily, CompressAir can customize a preventative maintenance agreement to specific system needs.

CompressAir’s customers don’t have to worry about shutting down production while service is being performed, our service technicians can bring a portable to use as backup air to keep your air supply still up and running during your preventative maintenance visit.

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