#1StudentNWI: Embracing the Slicer spirit at LPHS

#1StudentNWI: Embracing the Slicer spirit at LPHS

What’s recently happened?

The by application courses at La Porte High School (LPHS) have recently opened. 

The courses included are Welding (at New York Blower), Work Co-Op (seniors only), Cadet Teaching (seniors only), Weights (Strength and Conditioning, all grade levels), Radio/TV Broadcasting (grades 11 and 12), Building Trades (grades 11 and 12) and the Horizon Bank Slicer Internship (grades 11 and 12).  

“These courses are important because they are more career-focused than general classes. They can help further one's education and career interests,” Senior Michael Pham said. 

Before submitting, make sure the grade requirements are fulfilled. 

Similarly, there are separate application courses just for the English department. These are the more informational courses taught by Teacher Erin Parker – Hi-Times, Yearbook, and Public Relations. Hi-Times and Yearbook are two-semester courses while Public Relations is one. It is important to also note that Public Relations is a two-class course taking up sixth and seventh hour.

Classes taught by Teacher Brenda Cooper include Short Stories for sophomores, Poetry for juniors, and Creative Writing for seniors. Though they are separate application courses, they are one class working to fill the “Reflections” magazine by the end of the year. They are all a one-semester class. 

See any English teacher at LPHS to receive an application. 

What’s coming up?

Teacher Angela LaRocco and her Principles of Entrepreneurship, New Venture Development, and Small Business Operations classes are opening a coffee shop for LPHS students and staff. 

The Slicer Coffee Shop has been an idea since the 2022-2023 school year but will finally be completed this year. Senior Preston Peterson brought up the idea as a sophomore and has been there every step of the way.

“We decided we wanted to create something at the school where students can get some hands-on experience. In discussing, we felt that there was a void of drink options,” LaRocco said.

The shop plans to open January 16, the start of the second semester, and will be open from 7 a.m. until first period. Students are even able to order during first hour to be delivered to their class. 

Peterson delivered sample coffees to staff members on November 16 and received positive feedback, which only raised excitement for students.

LaRocco hopes this space will be a relaxing area for all to hang out and get work done. Teacher Marybeth Lebo’s art class will be helping by painting a mural in the space as well.

Lebo’s wasn’t the only class involved in bringing the coffee shop to life. The Entrepreneurship program worked with the Visual Arts Department to create a logo, and Kirt Lawson’s building trades class helped build supplies. 

The coffee shop will be student-run and self-sustaining based on the sales made. Because of this, the coffee shop will only be selling coffee and hot cocoa and then incorporate smoothies and refreshers once workers have more experience. 

Additionally, if students want to get in the Slicer spirit, they can order specialty drinks such as the Wake Upp, named after Principal Scott Upp, or Epple Juice for Football Coach Austin Epple. 

Staff spotlight:

LPHS is privileged to have first-year Counselor Christian Sightes. Sightes had previously worked in different areas of social work including child services, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and in an elementary school as a social worker.

Sightes went to Purdue University Northwest for his bachelor’s in social work and then Walden University for his master’s in social work. He is also currently attending Walden again for his second master’s degree, this time in school counseling. 

“I like that I get to interact with various students and help them succeed academically and see them achieve their goals,” Sightes said.

Sightes was born in La Porte and graduated from LPHS in 2010. He briefly moved to Valparaiso for five years before returning to La Porte. 

Sightes always knew he wanted to help individuals and students achieve their goals but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. He originally went for teaching but changed his mind to social work after taking a few classes. 

“I fell in love with the program. I quickly found out that, by being able to do this track, I was still able to help out people who are in need and be an advocate for them as well. I'm still very brand new to the school counseling realm, but in my short time, I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions that I could have ever made,” Sightes said. 

Outside of school, Sightes loves to watch movies, read books, and go to concerts and comedy shows. Something that people may not not know about Sightes is that he is an avid hockey fan and loves going to hockey games. He especially enjoys supporting his favorite team: the Boston Bruins. 

Student spotlight:

Junior Alyvia Lambert has vast dreams for her future. Lambert is currently involved in 4-H, Student Council, Varsity Cheerleading, Girl Reserves, ASL Honors Society, ASL Club, and Spanish Club. 

Lambert takes a variety of classes at LPHS, but her favorites are the medical ones, such as Human Body Systems and Medical Interventions. 

“I just love learning how the human body works,” Lambert said.

Lambert plans on becoming a pediatric surgeon because she loves working and helping children. 

“I originally wanted to be a teacher, but I realized I like biology and learning about the human body, so I combined those ideas into being a pediatric surgeon,” Lambert said.

Lambert has a 14-year-old brother and an 8-month-old sister, and having her siblings has made her realize she wants a large family when she is older. 

Lambert loves to go out with her friends but can also opt for a night in reading in her bed. Her favorite genre is romance, though she is open to others. Additionally, she loves working at Garwoods Orchard in the summer, training dogs, and cheerleading.

Lambert has been cheerleading since she was 3 years old and is currently on varsity for LPHS. She has made some of her closest friends on the LPHS Cheerleading team. Her friends would describe her as helpful and determined.