Snedecor tosses a pie with new Hobart Domino’s crew

The Hobart Domino's is open. The first 25 people in line won an entire year of free pizza, a treat that had many community members camped outside of the store before 6:00 a.m. As the time neared to the opening of the doors, the line of pizza lovers wrapped around the building.

Jim Gronemann, the owner of the new Hobart Domino’s, is also the owner of 21 other Domino’s locations across Northwest Indiana. He began working at Domino’s as a delivery driver in 1984 and worked his way up to purchasing his first store in 1990.

People from all over the community came out to support, including Mayor Brian Snedecor. He led the charge by making the very first pizza of the day.

Domino's is located at 135 N. Wisconsin St.  Customers can enjoy medium one-topping carryout pizzas for $3.99 each until August 31.