Celebrating Rick Soria: The New Vice Chancellor of Michigan City Ivy Tech

By: Jenn Eubanks Last Updated: August 7, 2012

The Ivy Tech branch in Michigan City is in for some wonderful and positive changes as far as Rick Soria, newly appointed vice chancellor, is concerned. At his formal “meet and greet” at the Blue Chip Casino’s Stardust Event Center, Soria stated his plans for the future and undying gratitude for those who have helped and still help maintain Ivy Tech.

Cindy Hall, Executive Director of Resource Development for Ivy Tech and also the one who organized the get together, said, “Rick’s experience in community affairs has proven to be very complementary to his current and future goals. He has a good vision for Ivy Tech. He wants to make sure he is involving residents of our school and in our area.”

In a congratulatory speech, J. Guadalupe Valtierra (Chancellor, Ivy Tech Michigan City) shared to all of their financial supporters and friends, “We are here because of you and we will succeed with you.” This is definitely the case for the fully paid off campus along with the inspiring individuals who are on staff.

Some who attended this crucial event had yet to meet Rick Soria, but after they did, they found out just why the board picked him to become the new vice chancellor. Edie Tylisz, who handles marketing for First Trust Credit Union, was thankful for his attention to detail and energetic personality. “I sent an e-mail to congratulate him on his new position and I was shocked when he responded back to me so quickly… he even called and left a message about this event as well. It’s important to have someone who wants to join hands with the community.”

If you want someone whose goal is to make an impression on students, Soria is surely one for the job. When asked what he plans to accomplish involving the school year, Soria commented, “My goal is to explore new programs and meet the needs of students and faculty. The projected time for our renovations in Ivy Tech to finish is within the next five years. We will provide more space for those attending our college and also have new classes available to them.” While gracing the podium, Soria gave his highest appreciation to everyone who took time out of their hectic schedules to celebrate with him. He shared various stories of how he came to be the man he is today. From connecting with the community through his maintenance work at a local funeral home to joining the board at Ivy Tech, his life has proved to be rather interesting.

In 2007, Soria became the Dean of Public and Social Services, which only left him with wanting to be more involved in the lives of students. The vice chancellor position has fully broadened his responsibilities from students and staff on campus to representing their needs in local and state matters. He is also looking to co-construct goals with community leaders and promote a positive journey for everyone.

Soria invites all to come to the Ivy Tech campus in Michigan City and share the vision of those committed to education and community awareness. They are the artists with the blank canvases and the possibilities are endless. Valtierra shared some advice he gave to Soria, “Remember to breathe. We’re very excited for him to take this role as vice chancellor because he has so much potential with all that positive energy.”

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