McColly Real Estate gathers for an energized annual Performance Plus Breakfast

Sergio Valdes
By: Sergio Valdes Last Updated: February 4, 2020

McColly Real Estate is a brokerage that its agents admire, and they see their co-workers as family. These associates call McColly home and hope for long-term success within its grasp. On January 30, the company held its annual Performance Plus Breakfast at Innsbrook Country Club to recognize and celebrate their internal family and successes.

“Being here today energizes me,” said Diane Cline, Broker Associate for McColly’s Schererville office. “I’ve been with McColly for my entire career, and it strives to be the best for its people and community.”

The Performance Plus Bonus Program is a tax-deferred program for Associates of McColly Real Estate who meet the terms and conditions of the Program. The purpose of this program is to cultivate long-lasting relationships amongst associates and incentivize saving a bountiful sum for their retirement.

At the event, Ron McColly gave a detailed overview of the program and of Berkshire-Hathaway A and B stocks, which is where the money is invested. (Berkshire-Hathaway co-founders are Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.) Bonus checks totaling $529,249 were distributed to those McColly Real Estate participants who qualified based on production in the calendar year 2014.

McColly Annual Performance Plus Breakfast 2020

McColly Annual Performance Plus Breakfast 2020 18 Photos
McColly Annual Performance Plus Breakfast 2020McColly Annual Performance Plus Breakfast 2020McColly Annual Performance Plus Breakfast 2020McColly Annual Performance Plus Breakfast 2020

“I feel very good, and it’s nice to leave the event today with a nice check to invest into my IRA,” said Kathy Camp-Burke, Broker Associate for McColly’s Highland office. “No matter what age you are, this is a great program to get involved in.”

“The money is invested in the way we want,” said Elaine Eich, Broker Associate for McColly’s Schererville office. “It’s great to be with a family-owned company that supports its agents like this.”

After a wonderful meal, several associates expressed their gratitude to the company for such a prosperous and long-lasting program. 

“I applaud Mr. McColly for this program,” said George Georgeff, Broker Associate with McColly’s Highland office. “There is no other broker in this area that provides a program like this.”

“This is an amazing program to be a part of,” said Candee Warren, Broker Associate for McColly’s Portage office and 2020 CRS Indiana State President.

All the associates and visitors view McColly with high regard. The company does its best to accommodate their needs and wants and treats every one of its associates with dignity and respect.

“It feels wonderful to be here,” said Wendy Van Denburgh, Broker Associate with McColly’s Winfield office. “Mr. McColly does so many good things for the associates and the company. There’s no better place to be. It’s my home and my family.”

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