A foodie’s choice: Albano’s Villa

By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: October 31, 2019

Albano’s Villa says it best - making great food is an art that they’ve perfected with every bite over the restaurant’s more than 50 years in La Porte County. The family recipes that have been passed down through generations from Sicily have set them up as a staple in both Michigan City and La Porte - and the proof is in their pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and yes, tacos. 

We took to a few social media posts to ask Michigan City & La Porte residents and natives about their favorite dishes from the iconic restaurants.

Along with using only the freshest ingredients, Albano’s makes their pizza dough fresh every day with signature spices, sauce, and a special blend of mozzarella cheese. From anchovies to their Italian sausage ground in-house, from pepperoni to veggies, Albano’s has all the fixin’s to make a true masterpiece. 

“Whenever I visit Michigan City, I have to stop by Albano’s,” said Debra Schepper. 

“I hail from Chicago so I am pretty picky when it comes to my pizza. When I moved to Indiana I had a hard time finding a pizza place I enjoyed, that is, until I found Albano's. Both their thin and deep-dish pizza is pretty amazing,” said Christian Haynes. “Plus I love the dining hall. It feels like an old fashioned pizzeria, the way it should be.”

“They make the best pizza in the world,” said Sheila Pearson. 

“Albano’s is still my favorite in Michigan City,” said Ryan Voss. “Just one bite makes me feel like a kid again, sitting at my grandfather’s dinner table for our weekly Thursday night dinner.”

“Their pizza was so good and tasty,” said Shona Espinoza. “The tacos, fries, and garlic bread were also really good.”

Albano’s is best known for their pizza, but their other menu selections are just as notable. Another one of the villa’s most notorious menu items is their pasta. Albano’s pasta choices include spaghetti, thick-cut lasagna, mostaccioli, ravioli (meat or cheese), and the classic Italian staple linguine with clam sauce made fresh by the Albano family.

For all you sandwich lovers out there, Albano’s makes some of the BEST Italian beef sandwiches around. Diners can add sautéed peppers and onions, melted mozzarella cheese, and zesty pepperoncini, alongside a hearty helping of au jus for dipping.

“I get the Italian beef whenever I’m in Michigan City,” said Kay Johnson. 

“The best Italian beef around,” said Colleen Lobeck

“The Italian beef sandwich is absolutely extraordinary,” said Rossanna Massey. “Albano’s is a real landmark in La Porte County.” 

And if you’re not an Italian beef sandwich fan - don’t worry. Albano’s also offers a stromboli sandwich, a hot submarine sandwich, and a cold Italian grinder sandwich - all customizable to your liking. 

When craving tacos, most people don’t think of a pizzeria. But Albano’s offers a pleasant surprise in this arena, translating their delicious homemade tacos into a pizza, too.

“The taco pizza is my favorite,” said Mary Arnett.

“I’ve been going there for the last 14 years,” said Roxanne White-Garrett. “No one can make a pizza and hot tacos like Albano’s.”

“Albano’s has the best pizza, tacos, and subs in the Midwest,” said Martin Hogan.

When you order a taco pizza at any of their restaurants, it comes out piping hot, with fresh, crispy shredded lettuce on top. The crust is perfectly cooked, and the meat is uniquely seasoned for a flavor only found at Albano’s. If you order the taco pizza for takeout, they package the lettuce separately so it doesn’t wilt, and you can recreate the perfect taco pie at your own home dinner table.

Last, but certainly not least, Albano’s salads offer a crisp and delicious alternative to the pasta, pizza, and subs. Salad choices include their signature Antipasto salad, chicken caesar salad, and taco salad. 

To learn more about all of Albano’s Villa’s menu offerings at their beloved flagship Michigan City location, or at their La Porte or Johnson Road locations, visit their website.