International Subaru of Merrillville proves that Subaru Loves Learning, and local students benefit

By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: September 7, 2019

When you purchase a vehicle that you love at International Subaru of Merrillville, it’s going to love you back. And that love is going to filter out into your community in ways you may not have imagined.

International Subaru of Merrillville is rooted in their local community, and anchored by the larger Subaru Loves Learning initiative - a commitment to supporting organizations dedicated to making learning as accessible as possible.

Just ask the folks at South Haven Elementary School. They were the worthy and grateful recipients of about 150 books from the International Subaru of Merrillville team last year after mold damage at the school left them in a lurch. Everything in their media center had to be discarded, and when the International Subaru of Merrillville team got wind of that, they swooped in with some help. (You can relive that great news here.) 

"That was a very difficult time for us. Subaru's generosity was welcome and much needed at the time," said Philip Misecko, principal at South Haven Elementary School. It was important for the books to be new, not used, after the mold cleanup. "They offered to buy all brand new books, and they are still heavily in use today," he said.

But the community love didn’t stop there. They’ve made it at least an annual thing.

“Once a year Subaru of Merrillville donates books to a local school as part of the Subaru Loves Learning initiative,” said General Manager Joe Coreles. “The science books will benefit both the school and the students reading them. This is just one part of the Love Promise Commitment that Subaru of Merrillville is a part of locally in Northwest Indiana.”

Students at South Haven Elementary School strive for excellence through programs such as Accelerated Reader, Star Math, and Star Reader. The school is committed to educating, empowering, and inspiring excellence, with prescribed goals to create a culture of high achievement and technological innovation.

So, the donation there was a good fit with the Subaru Loves Learning mission. 

With their local donations, International Subaru of Merrillville is contributing to the success of the larger Subaru of America effort. Since 2015, Subaru has partnered with the American Association for the Advancement of Science through the Subaru Loves Learning initiative to donate more than 277,600 science books to schools in communities across the country. They’ve also funded Google Expeditions to provide virtual reality trips to places a school bus can’t normally go. And then there’s the Teach for America program, where Subaru supports work to expand educational opportunity for more than 750,000 children by helping to recruit and develop diverse teachers to lead classrooms in low-income communities.

As consumers across the Region continue to weave social conscience into their purchasing decisions, it’s important to know that businesses like International Subaru of Merrillville have a plan to give back to their local neighborhoods. When you invest in a car with them, you’re investing in your local educational communities as well. 

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