Sand Creek Country Club welcomes families and friends to beloved Easter brunch

By: Julia Demma Last Updated: April 21, 2019

Families and loved ones gathered at Sand Creek Country Club to celebrate Easter Sunday. Guests enjoyed an array of lunch, breakfast, and dessert options including an omelet station, prime rib carving station, breakfast buffet, dessert table, and more.

Sand Creek expected nearly 600 guests this year. According to Angela Wronko, Catering Sales Manager, the attendance continues to grow and grow.

“Today’s Easter brunch is just a really nice celebration for all of our members, their family, and friends in light of the holiday,” said Wronko.

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The annual Easter brunch first planted its roots over 27 years ago. Each year, families make a point to head over to Sand Creek to enjoy a fabulous brunch, take pictures with the Easter Bunny, and attend an egg hunt.

“We’ve had multiple generations of families attend over the years. It’s become quite a tradition for our guests,” said Susan Fasel, Food and Beverage Captain at Sand Creek Country Club. “We’ve always had great turnouts, but as the families change and grow, the attendance continues to increase.”

For Shelly Liapes, the family tradition began back in 2001. When Liapes first attended the brunch, she was pregnant with her first child. Eighteen years later, she attended the brunch with both her children, who are now in their teens.

“It’s a tradition. We go to church and come right here afterward. It’s a wonderful way to start the day. There are so many food options and we enjoy seeing our friends here. This year, we’re really thankful for the sunshine and enjoy each other’s company,” said Liapes.

Beginning at 10 a.m. and stretching until 2 p.m., guests took full advantage of the delicious food and drinks dressed in their Sunday best. Children enjoyed taking pictures with the Easter Bunny, who was stationed right outside the brunch area along with intricate holiday decorations.

The omelet station attracted many who watched as the chefs flipped the egg creations with ease. Another big hit for both children and adults was the dessert table. With everything one’s sweet tooth could ever dream including cheesecake Oreo balls, cream puffs, cake and so much more, club members and their loved ones often circled back to this table in particular.

Wronko and Fasel explained that weeks of preparation go into planning the Easter event. The entire food and beverage team, including Executive Chef Nathan Wronko and his culinary team, are involved behind the scenes to make the brunch one to remember for each of the guests that walk through Sand Creek’s door.

“We want this event to be special for our guests,” said Wronko. “We want them to feel right at home when they decide to come spend their Easter afternoon with us.”

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