The City of Whiting is Making Waves with a Floating Playground in Lake Michigan

By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: May 18, 2017

The-City-of-Whiting-is-making-Waves-with-a-Floating-Playground-in-Lake-Michigan_01 Stay wet, stay active, stay happy with the new floating water park off the Lake Michigan shore of Whihala Beach in Whiting!

Looking for a way to bring people to the area, and to “show off” their beautiful Lake Michigan beach shores, the City of Whiting has partnered with the German-based company Wibit to install a floating water park into the water. The first of its kind to make it to Lake Michigan, City of Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura and his city staff have been looking for something fun, unique, and geared toward getting people outside to bring to the community.

The city has been adding so many attractions and amenities to the area, yet this one, will not require shoes.

The-City-of-Whiting-is-making-Waves-with-a-Floating-Playground-in-Lake-Michigan_02 The water park is an assortment of brightly colored floating aquatic inflatables, in the shape of one large and bouncy playground. Instead of the fear of falling from the monkey bars on land, this playground will require participants, from toddlers to senior citizen age, the challenge of getting through the entire course without slipping off! However, once you master this course, don’t be too gleeful, the park can be set up and rearranged for next year!

The playground is constructed like an obstacle course, with slides, trampolines, tunnels, and other fun, difficult-to-walk on features. Kids can scurry on a roundabout or try to stay upright and dry as they fly across the banked curve of a slide. Take one bad step, or purposefully invite your friend to the flip-feature and you’re off the boat!

The park will be able to hold between 120 to 140 people. Each participant is required to wear a life vest while on the park.

The-City-of-Whiting-is-making-Waves-with-a-Floating-Playground-in-Lake-Michigan_03 According to the staff at Wibit, their goal is to have some sort of Wibit product in every country. The company is focused on making their floating playgrounds fun, safe, and incapable of causing anything but a smile on the faces of the hundreds of people jumping and enjoying the park. The company will probably charge about $10 to $12 for an all-day pass to use the park, however the final rate has not been determined.

Right now, the City of Whiting is waiting on the go ahead from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and for our Lake Michigan water to warm up a bit! The floating water park should be open in June 2017, be open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. all week long and will close before school starts. Details are still being worked out and decided, but one thing is for certain: Whiting and all who try out this new park are going to have some fun this summer!

Head to the Wibit Sports Facebook page and the City of Whiting Facebook page to preview the playground!