A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Nancy Addie

By: Sam Malkowski Last Updated: August 3, 2016

In last week’s article, readers got a look at one half of a dynamic duo. Chad Addie and his wife Nancy live a life that is conscious of others. They have discovered the beauty of La Porte and want to share it with the region. Part two of their story puts the Spotlight on Nancy’s love of nature and pride of hearth.

The moment Nancy and her husband stepped over the threshold in July of 2012, they knew they had found their home. Addie Acres is the farm they dreamed of.

They raised six kids together and now raise a variety of barnyard animals. Chippie the Chihuahua is a local celebrity, along with Lincoln the Alpaca and Donkéy the Donkey. Nancy had animals on her Desires of the Heart wishlist for a long time.

“It’s their unconditional love,” she said. “There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting out and watching the animals.”

Her husband agreed. “The byproduct,” he said, “Is the joy they bring to the community.”

Nancy and Chad have opened their yard to the public and their home to private visitors through AirBnB. Anyone who wants to stop by and see the mixed herd of fuzzy mammals should feel free to drop Addie Acres a line via facebook.

You can also check out their AirBnB profile here, where guests positively describe the local farm as a great place to stay. Between the lovely scenery and the friendly animals it is hard not to find something to like, or do. Nancy and Chad provide visitors with bonfires, hunts for chicken eggs, and fresh breakfast.

Taking care of the farm is a full time job for Addie. She shares her experiences online through photography, snapping memorable shots with her camera.

“I just started noticing all this beauty around me. So I took pictures.”

Nancy’s photography subjects extend to the entire county. Her photos of the sun setting over La Porte’s various lakes have made it onto local news channels. She has even captured mesmerizing shots of ladybugs frozen over flowers.

“It’s really humbling. I have so many people saying [they] get on Facebook at the end of the day to see something beautiful. [Or] 'Thank you for taking me to the lake, I haven’t been in years.' It’s not about us. We’re just trying to be the positive in La Porte.”

The Addie couple just wants to capture God’s beauty. They want to share the world they have discovered. They want to make people laugh with their stories.

People from all over the world- Russia, India, China- have come to visit the farm. “Our farm is like a crossroads for these people,” Nancy explained. “We set on our porch and talk about life.”

Part of her life is treasuring excitement as it comes to her. She has seen the sky turn dark with the threat of a tornado, then jumped in her car to chase it. Twice whirling twisters have struck her home: both on June 24th, two years apart.

Nancy blogs about her life and farm using You can read it here or message Addie Acres about coming for a visit!