July 2015 ROSE Winner: Emily Trisler

By: South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority Last Updated: July 20, 2015

Emily-TrislerEmily legitimately loves Bellaboo’s and her co-workers. She takes work home because she wants guests to see the best they have to offer. Prior to the enormous Easter egg hunt Bellaboo’s hosts each year, Emily took home eggs and stuffed them on her own time to save money and save her co-workers the trouble. The company also hosted a candy-themed holiday party for the employees that included sweets-related gimmicks and certificates for the employees. Emily located matching candies for each of the 45 awards, tracked down and paid for them with her own money, and wouldn’t accept a reimbursement. She did this because she cares about others and wanted to make her co-workers smile.

Emily Trisler
Party Planner
Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center, Lake Station