Steps to Avoid Heat-Related Illness in Summer 2015

By: Porter Regional Hospital Last Updated: July 1, 2015

Steps-to-Avoid-Heat-Related-IllnessHot weather can put anyone at increased risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Learn to recognize and treat each, but take preventive steps to avoid both.

Staying indoors and using fans isn’t enough when temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. To stay cool and healthy:

Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can cause dehydration, and very cold drinks, which can cause muscle cramps.
Drink extra fluids, even if you’re not thirsty. Your urine should be nearly clear.
Visit an air-conditioned location when the temperature is particularly high.

When an emergency strikes, get the quick care you need at our emergency room thanks to the 30-Minutes-Or-Less ER Service Pledge.

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