Temple Missionary Baptist Church Summer Revival

Temple Missionary Baptist Church Summer Revival

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2:12am - 2:12am

August 4, Michigan City, IN – Temple Missionary Baptist Church, 2725 Wabash Street., will be hosting a Summer Revival on Sunday, August 9 through Wednesday, August 12. Services begin at 6:30 p.m. CST each evening.

“My focus is to preach the gospel to the lost and strengthen the faith of Christians,” said Evangelist Calvin D. Allen, who will be preaching the sermons.

Allen, who lives in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, is an alumnus of Texas Baptist College and brings 21 years of preaching experience to the pulpit. His prior experiences include serving as a music director in his church for 14 years while he taught middle and high school for seven years during that time.

Brian Parker, Pastor of Temple Missionary Baptist Church, said, “Revival is in many evangelical churches an opportunity for us to get a boost in our faith walk. Sometimes just a different taste of preaching and a sprinkling of different faces can be enough to help keep us out of a rut.”

For the revival services, Temple Missionary Baptist Church is recommending, but not enforcing, the following of state and local COVID-19 mandates and guidelines. For more information on these go to: https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/files/IN_COVID-19%20masks%2007.23.20.pdf

Additional details about the Summer Revival are available by calling the church at 219-872-7018, visiting www.templembc.org/events or

“Temple Missionary Baptist Church” on Facebook.

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