Jumpstart Innovation Masterclass Series #1: Innovation Concepts Immersion

Jumpstart Innovation Masterclass Series #1: Innovation Concepts Immersion

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6:42pm - 6:42pm

SESSION #1: Innovation Concepts Immersion
Innovation has a wide body of knowledge that needs reviewed and understood before initiating a program. In order to execute best practice, you have to know what they are. This workshop includes:
• Definition of innovation and how it’s distinct from creativity and brainstorming
• Origins of methods in invention and process improvement
• Why innovation programs are necessary to survive and grow
• What culture needs to be in place to support a program and how to create it
• Team formation and development
• Getting a mandate from management to move forward, and why clarity on program goals is a foundation to success
• Planning a project and an overview of standard process
• Review of the most common or popular “frameworks” including Design Thinking, Osborn-Parnes CPS, Agile, Lean, Business Model Canvas, TRIZ, and others
• Innovation framework selection
• Getting started on a pilot project, or, re-igniting an innovation program

About this Event Series
The Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest (SIPNW) is partnering with Gregg Fraley Innovation (GFi) to host a series of six innovation-training masterclasses in 2020. The Jumpstart Innovation Learning Series seeks to train innovators and entrepreneurs in essential innovation skills. Participants are managers, project leaders, small business owners, and those charged with leading innovation programs.

The content of the sessions includes basic innovation skills and deliberate creative problem-solving. Over the course of the series, more advanced topics in cutting-edge innovation strategy, branding, culture building, and project management are trained. It includes grounding in these best-practice frameworks and methods:
• Agile/SCRUM -- project management that goes beyond data processing and presents a cultural approach to innovation that is customer-focused and results-oriented.
• Structured Creative Problem Solving (Osborn-Parnes) -- better problem framing and brainstorming that really works at what “CPS” has to offer. CPS is a proven generalized approach to complex problem solving.
• Purpose Driven Brand Innovation -- Line up your organizational vision and purpose with your branding and innovation program. A system for identifying and developing brand purpose is taught.
• Business Model Canvas/Lean - Blue-printing a business idea, using a business model canvas, and then iterating the concept for market acceptance using Lean is a powerful way to innovate.
• Improvisation for Business – The techniques used at Second City for spontaneous thinking are adapted for business use in this cutting-edge workshop. Improv isn’t just fun and games, it’s high-level collaboration, idea generation, and problem solving.

Why should you participate?
The Jumpstart Innovation Series provides high value, practical content and actionable training to area innovators and entrepreneurs.
Introduces local innovators to the resources available from the Society of Innovators and other professional innovation experts
Find your tribe as you connect with the innovation community of practitioners from across the Northwest Indiana region
Anyone can innovate. Whether you are for-profit or non-profit, the series is open to all companies, organizations, industries and sectors.

Jumpstart Innovation Series Pass
The Jumpstart Innovation Masterclass is offered as a subscription package, with each module advancing participant knowledge about innovation in a new way. However, participants can also buy a specific module of interest. Regardless if you join us one time or for the full season, participants will walk away with highly useful and actionable knowledge in theory, practice, and tools for starting up and running innovation programs.
The cost of the series is $599 for all six workshops. Purchased individually, the workshops are $149 each. All sessions will take place at the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest in their Portage, IN meeting facility.
• January 17, 2020: Innovation Concepts Immersion
• March 13, 2020: Structured Creative Problem Solving
• May 15, 2020: Facilitation Skills and Tools for Leadership
• August 21, 2020: Team Building for Innovation
• October 9, 2020: Agile/SCRUM Concepts
• December 11, 2020: Improvisation for Business Problem Solving

For more information visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jumpstart-innovation-masterclass-series-1-innovation-concepts-immersion-tickets-83214239029

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