Innovation Workshop: Trend-Driven Innovation

Innovation Workshop: Trend-Driven Innovation

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5:08pm - 5:08pm

What will your customers want next? What if you could understand and apply any consumer trend. Today.

About this Event
Consumer trends are an essential part of uncovering innovation opportunities. Yet many companies and organizations are either oblivious to or incurious about trends and developments in their own industry. They focus primarily on short-term, day-to-day business. But contemplating the long-term is what will allow businesses to survive the exponential changes that are taking place.

In many ways, the future is already here, and companies should be zooming in on trends and developments that are likely to impact their business, whether positively or negatively. The knowledge organizations can get about their customers and other potential consumers is invaluable. Consumers follow trends and let themselves be led by them. These Consumer Trends provide essential information, which allows companies to get a grip on the possibilities of innovation opportunities.

In this hands-on workshop, we will work with the Consumer Trends Canvas to better understand what your customers want next by looking at some key consumer trends and innovations that are driving the trends.

What is the Consumer Trend Canvas?
Developed by global insights firm TrendWatching, the Consumer Trend Canvas is an easy-to-follow framework that helps you gather and analyze insights about consumer trends and transform them into innovation and business opportunities. By noting trends on this framework, you can figure out the best way to leverage them into your consumer-facing business products and services.

Attendees can expect the following:
• Understand how to use the Consumer Trend Canvas to analyze and apply consumer trends that will drive new innovation in your business
• Have fun while learning about new consumer trends and explore the implications for your own customers and organization
• Connect with other future-focused innovators from across Northwest Indiana
• Cross-pollinate ideas and trends from your industry with others in attendance
"Billions of consumers crave brands, products and services that make life more exciting, more efficient, more sustainable, and simply better than it currently is. While a relentless, global horde of smart brands and entrepreneurs is already striving to meet these cravings. Will it be you that delivers, or someone else?" TrendWatching

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