Innovation Workshop: Collaboration That Drives Innovation

Innovation Workshop: Collaboration That Drives Innovation

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4:32pm - 4:32pm

Innovation is a team sport that requires collaboration, but how can teams work together to build the next new thing?

About this Event
Innovation is about constant prototyping.
The best innovation teams are constantly trying something new, receiving immediate feedback and implementing those new learnings in the next prototype.

Innovation is about building on each other's ideas.
The key to team success lies in being able to collaborate. True magic happens when you tap into the potential of everybody's unique strengths and combine your expertise. When building on each other's ideas rather than competing to have the best idea, unimagined outcomes suddenly become possible.

Innovation is about letting go of hidden assumptions.
What assumptions do you make about your business? Do you really know and do you just think you know what your customers want? The best innovation teams let go of their assumptions to test and receive feedback instead of building something big and then learning that it does not bring the results they were hoping for.

This month's Innovation Workshop is very hands-on. You will be working together in teams to practice several Design Thinking mindsets: Bias to Action, Build to Think, Failing Fast, Test and Iterate.

It is a fun session designed to get participants working together to build and test their designs with an emphasis on radical collaboration. Learn some new secrets about teamwork and equip yourself to build more collaborative teams within your own organization.

We won't give away the details, but this is your opportunity to use a team-building activity used worldwide by facilitators to demonstrate how teams can enhance their innovation.

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