Younger Life Plaza 618 Announces GoFundMe Campaign

By: Kyle Hovanec Last Updated: June 22, 2015

YoungerLifePlaza618gofundmeWith the recent announcement of La Porte’s Younger Life Plaza 618, one announcement that may have slipped through the cracks is the GoFundMe campaign happening right now. Everyone in La Porte, or even Northwest Indiana now has the opportunity to claim ownership over La Porte history.

“This is an exciting opportunity due to the fact that the success of the plaza comes from the ownership of the community,” says Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Bert Cook.

While organizations such as IU La Porte Hospital and Horizon Bank made generous donations to the plaza, the city of La Porte set up a crowd funding campaign to let the citizens of La Porte County and Northwest Indiana contribute a donation and cement a part of their legacy to the completion of the plaza.

“We wanted to create this project as it allows citizens to contribute to the construction of the plaza and to utilize it later on,” says Cook. “You truly are taking a form of ownership over this thing you have helped to create.”

The gofundme campaign is currently accepting any form of donation with larger amounts offering rewards for each respective donation.

The rewards range from a $100 donation to a $5,000 donation. $100 earns a brick with the donator’s name on it while larger donations can earn anything from a park bench to bronze plaque.

However, it is highly stressed that any donation is generously accepted with even $5 going a long way to helping the completion of the plaza.

“Even $5 is a tremendous help to the campaign,” says Cook. “$5 adds up and again, earns you the satisfaction that you helped make this plaza possible. You helped to make this place that everyone can use and enjoy.

To make a donation, please visit the gofundme website.