Working Out Isn’t Just About Being Fit or Skinny or in Shape.

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: June 1, 2014

shannon-rockstadBeing active is something that many people have incorporated in their lives from the very beginning. Shannon Rockstad, a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness of Michigan City, has always been involved with physical fitness. And she uses her love of activity to teach others the same habits that need to be adopted in order to get fit, stay fit, and love it all the while.

Written by Shannon Rockstad

I have never been inactive. My dad was dedicated to marathons and triathlons, and consequently I followed in his path of fitness. Although I have only run one marathon I also tried wrestling, ground fighting, and as of the moment I am settled on weight training with some cardio activities hanging around here and there. It's something I find so effective and enjoyable that I am really not looking forward to getting back into cardio but doing both will make sure I get through those 5K's this summer.

For anyone who is consistent in working out they will notice they go in cycles of workout obsessions and research whatever it is they are obsessed about at the moment. What begins to change overtime is your education. Not only does your body change but your knowledge about it, too. The more knowledge you have under your belt the more likely you are to make good decisions when it comes to your body. It is truly a beautiful thing.

The main thing that always pushes me to maintain or go beyond where I am in my fitness is that I love my body. Not to say that I just love my body and think it looks great but, since becoming a personal trainer and helping a lot of people with injuries or illnesses that have been caused by inactivity I see the value it holds.

Active in NWI GraphicWorking out isn't just about being fit or skinny or in shape. Those are all the artificial reasons people use. To me fitness is something that encompasses your whole life. The more you go to the gym the better you feel, the better you feel about yourself the more likely you will make decisions that help you in a positive way; those decisions will change your life.

I could go into a lot of science about what goes on in the brain when it works out, but my point is "to look good" is not sufficient enough to make you reach your end goal, because there is no end to fitness.

Being active is a personal choice that each individual needs to consider for themselves. However, if someone was on the fence about it I would remind them it is a consistent habit that takes time. The first few months they need to focus on getting the workout in and controlling their diet, which is hard enough in itself, even for some of the more experienced fitness fanatics out there. This is not meant to deter anyone it is simply being realistic. Eight out of ten people I see join a gym end up going too hard and too fast while expecting results immediately. Wanting to change your body goes hand in hand with wanting to change your life.