Wing night Thursdays at Patrick’s Grille

Wing night Thursdays at Patrick’s Grille

Every Thursday night, you can find a packed Patrick’s Grille bar populated by community members who have built friendships thanks to, and based around, weekly wing nights.

Sure, the price of the savory bone-in chicken wings simply cannot be beaten for just $8-- but it’s the company that keeps customers coming back week after week. 

“It’s truly a Thursday destination for my husband and I. We meet someone new every week it seems like. The main thing that keeps us coming back on Thursday nights is, of course, the food, but also the companionship,” said Julie Manner, wing night regular. “The long-lasting friendships we’ve made hold true outside of Patrick’s.”

One of the friendships Manner has made over the years is with Johnny Firebaugh and his girlfriend, Judy Hutton, who have also been coming to Patrick’s ever since the restaurant opened its doors.

“We look forward to seeing everyone on wing night and getting to enjoy great food in a nice environment,” said Hutton.

The couple also raved about the wide range of drinks they enjoy that go along with their buffalo and barbeque wings.

“Sometimes I’ll have wine--Johnny usually has a beer, and sometimes we like something a little stronger,” Hutton said.

Not only are the drink options notable, but the bartender who is usually serving wing night attendees is as well.

“The bartender Judy is just fabulous. She’s friendly, personable, excellent at her job, and we’ve built quite the friendship,” Hutton said. “It feels as if I’m talking to an old friend rather than a staff member.”

“It’s hard to even imagine wing nights without Judy. She has a vacation coming up and I’m already sad that I won’t be seeing her behind the bar on that particular Thursday,” Manner said.

Community members of all ages are welcome to wing night.

“There’s always a wide age range at wing night. The youngest is probably in his early 20s and it ranges all the way up to about 60s or 70s,” said Manner.

There are other food options on wing Thursday, such as the oyster shooters that have proven to be a true crowd favorite. The dish includes ice-cold oysters in a shot glass with a special cocktail sauce, horseradish cream, and lemon, accompanied by vodka. 

And, of course, customers are welcome to enjoy all the other delicacies Patrick’s Grille has to offer.

“Something that really keeps us coming back is Chef Rick Bruggeman. We really love his cooking, and he always accommodates us. We never regret taking a trip to Patrick’s,” said Manner

Be sure to make reservations for wing night Thursdays, as it is quite the Thursday hotspot. You can all (219)873-9401 to make your reservation.

“I encourage everyone and anyone to come out and join us on wing nights. We have a great time and the food is even better,” said Firebaugh.