Why the Experts Use Indiana ProWash

By: Tim Moran Last Updated: July 10, 2014

indiana-prowash-benefits-1It all boils down to a first impression, and for commercial buildings, portraying a clean environment is key, Greg Rentschler of Timberseal says. That’s why business owners should utilize Indiana ProWash Mobile Pressure Washing & Restoration, a division of Timberseal.

“With constant traffic coming in and out of storefronts, it’s important to have something to combat the chewing gum, bird issues and other dirt that may accumulate,” Rentschler said. “For fast food restaurants, this is paramount.”

Indiana ProWash has been around for more than two years with a primary purpose to focus on the commercial side of cleaning. In that time, they have already proven themselves. Clients include several convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores including Wal-Mart and Walgreens, banks, factories and fleet companies among others.

They provide a complete cleaning of a concrete building and have stellar examples of improving the look of sidewalks, storefronts, gateway signs and floors of auto service businesses.

“A clean environment is needed and Indiana ProWash has shown they can provide that,” Rentschler said.

indiana-prowash-benefits-3Businesses that attempt to perform a large cleaning operation on their own are sometimes frowned upon by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because all the wash water goes into the drain. The employees of Indiana ProWash know how to make everything clean without any EPA issues.

Those who have used Indiana ProWash have not been disappointed.

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