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Welcome to LaPorteCounyLife.com, your brand-new, 100%-positive online news source sharing and promoting the good stories about the people, organizations, and businesses serving La Porte County, Indiana.

We started our first online community in March of 2009 by launching ValpoLife.com, and that along with PortageLife.com serve as great examples of what you can expect from LaPorteCountyLife.com.

The premise is simple: we share good news.

We see an awesome opportunity ahead to be the source for all the positive information in La Porte County. We want to share good news about Michigan City and La Porte, and we want to share good news about Hanna, Westville, New Prairie, Kingsbury, La Crosse, Wanatah, Kingsford Heights, Long Beach, Pottawatomie Park, Trail Creek, and every community and township in between.

How can you share your stories? It’s simple! Send us an email to share@laportecountylife.com with a story, a few notes, a photo, a video, a link, or a press release and we’ll post it to our website and share it with the community through our growing social networks on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Any person sharing their good news, whether they’re a coach whose team just won the big game or a teacher whose student wrote a great essay, can share their story for free. If you’re involved with a church and you want to share your weekly bulletin or you’re in a non-profit group that is hosting a fundraiser, send us an email with your information and we’ll post it for free!

We ask businesses that already support community endeavors to support our organization in return. We offer businesses and organizations that want to advertise and support this good news community great options through our Partner Profiles, Banner Advertising, and Sponsorship Opportunities. Click here to learn more.

We have over 1,300 good news contributors on ValpoLife.com and over 800 contributors on PortageLife.com whom we’d certainly suggest you get in touch with to see how easy it is. You can even call us and leave us a message with a few cryptic notes about an event you have coming up, and our editors will make an article out of it. Our phone number is 219-707-5023. Call us today!

We work hard to find good news in La Porte County, and we’ll shout it once we get it. We’ve officially launched, and we’re ready to go. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get you started. Share@LaPorteCountyLife.com -- it's that simple, email us today.

Are you ready to share good news about La Porte County? We are. Let’s begin now!