Weddings at Sand Creek Country Club emit elegance, personality, unique possibilities

Weddings at Sand Creek Country Club emit elegance, personality, unique possibilities
By: Sarah DeMars Last Updated: October 29, 2019

As the gorgeous fall season comes to a close, you’ll probably see fewer wedding pictures and announcements on your social media feeds. But not Angela Wronko, catering sales manager at Sand Creek Country Club. For Wronko, the wedding season never really ends—not that she would ever want it to. 

“We have a lot of weddings coming up,” Wronko said. “Normally, the late summer and fall season is the busy season and packed full of weddings, but this upcoming winter season is full, too. I’m really excited.” 

Wronko loves her job. She began her career with Sand Creek about nine years ago and has been in her current position for four years. Since then, she has fallen in love with the industry and the close relationships she has built while helping make dream weddings come true. Wronko prides herself on making happy couples, not just happy brides. After all, in a world of television shows illustrating wedding fiascos catered to social media hungry masses, a wedding really symbolizes the union of two people. That’s where Wronko and her team come in – to make it all perfect.

“Angela did so much for both me and my fiancé,” Kylie Busse said. Busse and her husband Neil got married in early August and held their reception at Sand Creek Country Club. “My husband and I were feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole process, but Angela was able to tie together what we both wanted perfectly. She went above and beyond for us.” 

Sand Creek Country Club offers a unique wedding experience to couples and their guests. Most wedding venues offer one type of location and subsequent theme. For example, if you’re hosting a wedding at a barn, you’re likely having a rustic-themed celebration. Sand Creek is suited to everyone’s wedding needs and has the ability to fit nearly any possible theme.

I’ve worked here for nine years and I have never seen the same wedding twice,” Wronko said. “Even when I saw similar color palettes in two weddings, the decor, the atmosphere, the food—it was all so different, you can’t begin to compare them.” 

Sand Creek Country Club was specifically built as the perfect base for just about any wedding imaginable. The building is beautiful in itself, but its ability to work as a chameleon for every palette, party size, and more is unique. Wronko and her team also work closely with vendors to make sure that the wedding is perfectly suited for the engaged couple. 

And, the venue is open to all.

“I’ve met with a lot of couples who seem to think they have to be a member of the club here in order to use the venue,” Wronko said. “But, that’s not true! We’re open for everyone.”  

Despite her job title, Wronko deals with more than just catering at Sand Creek. In fact, she works so closely with engaged couples that they often become friends and stay in touch with each other. During a wedding at Sand Creek, she is at the event all day, working hard with the rest of the staff to make sure the day goes off without a hitch. 

“There were so many little things that Angela and the staff at Sand Creek did to make our day perfect,” Busse said. “From helping set up the name tag table to then personally driving around in a golf cart across the property to get the best wedding pictures, everything was perfect.” 

With engagement season closing in, be sure to keep Sand Creek Country Club in mind as a wedding venue. Wronko and the rest of the staff at Sand Creek are ready to make the best of every season and every couple’s dream wedding. You can learn more about Sand Creek Country Club by visiting their website at For a closer look at some of the stunning weddings there, check them out on Instagram at