Washington State Theatre of La Porte Set to Open “Murder at Meadow Place” on November 1

Washington-Stage-TheatreThe Washington Stage Theatre of La Porte will perform "Murder at Meadow Place" on November 1, 2, 7, 8, & 9, 2014. Curtain time is 7 pm each night, except for Sunday performances, which are at 2 pm.

This new comedy is about Dan Mason, who is an beginning movie screenwriter. He is unsuccessful in trying to peddle his new murder mystery movie (in the vein of Agatha Christy) screenplay to everyone, in Hollywood and everywhere. He gets the idea to convert the script to a stage play, use all his friends for actors, and then film the play. Chaos ensues!

Even with the help of the local community theatre owner, the local TV station, a cat dressed up as a fox, and all of his friends and acquaintances, the serious drama goes awry. This original screenplay is by Dave Orvis of South Bend. He is the President of the Mid America Filmmakers, who host the annual film festival in South Bend. It was adapted for the stage by Merle B. Miller w/ revisions by Dave Orvis. Tickets are available from any cast member, the theatre (call 326-5184), or at the door.

The cast is as follows:

DAN MASON, a p/t bartender, & would be screenwriter: DAVID MIKOLAJCZYK
FRED CRESTON, DAN's ex boss, a warehouse owner: ALAN WARREN
CARMELLA, a Mexican-American waitress: SANDRA SEYMOUR
SAM , an out of work actor: ALEX BONNER
LINDSEY, a waitress who doesn't like: CARMELLA LAURALEE
HARLEY, an ex tailor, who likes to make costumes: MERLE MILLER
COACH BECKLEY, a high school baseball coach, from Australia: ANDY RUMINSKI
CINDY BECKLEY, the coach's wife, & middle school drama dir.: LAURALEE SIKORSKI
NORMAN, Village Playhouse Theatre Director: T. J. MARTIN
MIGUEL, CARMELLA's cousin who drinks a little: JOSH KUHN