Unity Foundation of La Porte County provides scholarships and grants to foster personal and community improvement

Unity Foundation of La Porte County provides scholarships and grants to foster personal and community improvement

The Unity Foundation manages the estates of those who wish to provide opportunities for La Porte County. One of the main ways it does so is through its grants and scholarship opportunities. Grants are meant for community members and teachers while scholarships are for students of any age pursuing a degree or certificate to further their education.

The Power for Good Grant is a community grant. These grants are available to qualified non-profits and teachers. This grant exists to be responsive to community needs, and as such, houses the most diverse recipients. Applicants may request between $500 and $5,000 for one-time projects, projects that encourage cooperation, and projects that are necessary stepping-stones to future goals.

The Power for Good Grant opens on May 1. Applications must be submitted by July 22, and decision letters are mailed in October.

The Unity Foundation’s Teacher Grants are more numerous. These four grants open on June 1 and are due on September 2.

The Michigan City Education Foundation Grant is for creative programs that are applied within the classroom. This grant is open to applications from K-eight teachers within Michigan City. Grant applicants may requisition up to $500.

Another K-eight opportunity within Michigan City are the Barbara A. Carmen Memorial Endowment Fund Grants. These grants are for school supplies, reference materials, and guest speakers. Applicants can request up to $400.

The Michigan City Area Schools (MCAS) Teacher Innovation Grant is for professionals at Michigan City High School and the A.K. Smith Career Center. This grant is intended to advance innovative teaching practices that make teachers more effective. Applicants may be awarded up to $400, pursuant to their request.

The Janet (Collings) Drayton Teacher Innovation Scholarship is for teachers at Kingsbury Elementary School. Grant funds are to be used to teach math and science or take students on field trips that teach the history of La Porte County.

The Unity Foundation General Scholarship Form allows students to apply for 48 different scholarship opportunities through one document. These scholarships range from hobbies such as horse riding or volunteering to majors like nursing, agriculture, or the social and political sciences. This form also gives students the opportunity to win scholarships based on township or high school. There are also those that are more accessible and have no further requirements from need and a GPA minimum.

The two most difficult parts of scholarship applications are finding scholarships that a student qualifies for and filling out multiple lengthy forms. The General Scholarship Form takes away both of those barriers. It is one form for many scholarships and the application evaluates responses to decide what scholarships students are eligible for.

There are four other scholarship opportunities. The Robert J. Hiler Memorial Scholarship Fund is for children of Hiler employees, and the Kelly-Prentiss Scholarship Fund specifically aids third-year medical and osteopathic students. The two recommendation scholarships are the Diane Bamberth Memorial Award, for students who demonstrate tenacity and strong moral fiber, and the Jan Nova Environmental Stewardship Award for activists in the area of environmental protection.

The Unity Foundation’s Scholarship Funds are set up so that a variety of students can win. Few applications require a 4.0-GPA. Any student from La Porte County pursuing any level of higher education at any point in their lives should apply. Applications open at the beginning of each calendar year and are due at the end of March.

For more information on scholarship opportunities and grants through the Unity Foundation of La Porte County, visit https://uflc.net/