Unity Foundation of La Porte County awards over $250,000 in scholarships

Unity Foundation of La Porte County awards over $250,000 in scholarships

This summer, the Unity Foundation of La Porte County is awarding over $250,000 in scholarships to 215 La Porte County students. While Unity has awarded over five million dollars in scholarships since 1992, this year had the largest single distribution in the foundation’s history.

“We had extra funds and decided to make a bigger contribution in line with our donor requests,” said Shannon Walker, Unity Foundation of La Porte County Vice President of Marketing and Operations. “We knew that this was a challenging, unprecedented year for students and their families. We wanted to help them continue on their educational paths forward as much as possible.”

COVID-19 changed how many students are approaching their future education, but the Unity Foundation of La Porte County saw a firm determination from their applicants to forge ahead no matter what.

“Some of them are going to satellite schools, staying local, or doing things online, but everyone is finding a way to continue on their path,” Walker said. “We felt like this year, more than ever, we had to find a way to step up and support them as much as possible. We want to give kudos to our donors, who establish these scholarships, so that we can help these students at the time when they need it most.”

The Unity Foundation of La Porte County supports a wide array of causes with their community grants, but education is at the forefront of their efforts every year.

“Education brings opportunity, and so many benefits to students over the course of their lifetime,” Walker said. “Supporting them also helps La Porte County economically. It’s just a circle where if we help them, they might come back and support students themselves in the future in the same ways that they were helped.”

Unity Foundation awarded scholarships to students representing 10 La Porte County high schools. Those young scholars are set to attend over 45 colleges and universities throughout the country.

“La Porte County is a large, diverse community with a lot of different school systems,” Walker said. “Everywhere, there are outstanding students not just academically, but emotionally. They’re doing incredible things, maybe even when they’re having personal challenges of their own or working multiple jobs to pay for school. It’s not just about their academics, it’s also about the complete package and how they contribute back to the community. They’re just outstanding human beings.”

Unity Foundation’s scholarships are open to more than just students seeking bachelor’s degrees.

“We really want to help students achieve success in whatever they’re pursuing: associate degrees, certificates, doctorate degrees, graduate degrees, there are different pathways to success,” Walker said.

Walker encouraged students and their parents to apply the next time applications open in January.

“Students shouldn’t feel intimidated. We have a wide variety of scholarships available,” she said. “Now more than ever, COVID-19 has taught us that it’s an opportunity for people to reinvent themselves. Education opens so many doors for opportunities in the future, so reach out to us if you have any questions and don’t be afraid to apply.”

Learn more about the Unity Foundation of La Porte County at https://uflc.net/