UnitedHealthcare’s Jillian Martinez supports Region residents

UnitedHealthcare’s Jillian Martinez supports Region residents

We each have a passion and a purpose. Some of us are lucky enough to turn that purpose into a career. One of UnitedHealthcare’s newest members, Jillian Martinez, is one of those people. 

Martinez came to UnitedHealthcare as a market sales manager seven months ago. 

“As a market sales manager, I am responsible for training, developing and supporting local insurance agents on UnitedHealthcare products,” Martinez said. “I love working with insurance agents–helping them grow and achieve their goals.” 

A key piece in this career move for Martinez was the good work that UnitedHealthcare is already doing. As a mission-driven person, she knew that UnitedHealthcare’s focus on high-quality affordable coverage paralleled her own. 

“UnitedHealthcare is committed to providing people with a choice of innovative health and well-being solutions that help them access the quality care they need,” Martinez said. 

Both UnitedHealthcare and Martinez believe that quality insurance helps create healthier lives. 

“I believe in UnitedHealthcare’s commitment,” said Martinez. “Everyone deserves to have access to high-quality affordable healthcare options and benefits that are easy to understand and use.”

After years in the healthcare and insurance fields, Martinez has seen first-hand the damage created when clients are misled or uniformed. She and her colleagues work tirelessly to make insurance work for their clients in an easy-to-understand and helpful way. 

“Insurance can be frustrating and complicated for so many people–young and old alike,” Martinez said. “Before I began my career in healthcare and insurance, I didn’t know the difference between a deductible or a co-pay. Working in this field, I am able to help others understand insurance, which in turn, can provide better health outcomes.”

As a lifetime Region resident, Martinez is bringing this knowledge to her community. 

“When a person walks away from a meeting feeling confident and knowledgeable about their coverage and options, I feel accomplished,” Martinez said. 

A particular population really speaks to Martinez’s purpose. Working with and for seniors, Martinez is focused on ensuring that seniors are well-versed in their coverage. 

“Through my various roles in healthcare, seniors appeared to be the most uniformed and potentially misled regarding their coverage,” Martinez said. “Currently, I am working with insurance agents throughout the Region to identify senior organizations that we can work with or support their efforts.”

This work is so critical to Martinez that she can’t imagine not supporting seniors throughout our area. 

Born and raised in Michigan City, Martinez knows the beauty and power of her community. 

“The Region is an area like no other,” Martinez said. “It is like a large family, and people go above and beyond to help others.”

In her free time, Martinez enjoys playing softball, crafting, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

To learn more about Martinez and UnitedHealthcare, please visit uhc.com.