UnitedHealthcare Helps Employers Place Health at the Top of the List

UnitedHealthcare Helps Employers Place Health at the Top of the List
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: December 21, 2019

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There’s a reason UnitedHealthcare’s mission statement is trademarked. The company’s goal to help people live healthier lives® is more than marketing – it reflects real programs that are designed to make comprehensive health care more accessible, convenient and affordable for its members and employer customers.

Suzanne Hill, a specialty sales representative at UnitedHealthcare, said the company has been working to set the bar for health care companies since its founding more than 40 years ago. In particular, providing holistic benefit options for employers that combine their medical coverage with specialty benefits such dental, vision, and disability.

“UnitedHealthcare was a frontrunner in providing benefit bundles, helping employers save on health care expenses while promoting whole-person health,” Hill said. 

UnitedHealthcare’s uBundle® is a benefits savings program that enables employers across the country to save up to 4 percent* on medical premiums when combining a UnitedHealthcare medical plan with specialty benefits such as dental, vision, life, disability or supplemental health coverage. While any reduction in health care costs is appealing, UnitedHealthcare offers many employers benefit savings by bundling for subsequent years, as opposed to other companies that only offer such rate reductions for the first year of the plan. 

“In addition to saving money, bundling benefits is helpful to employers because the plans are easier to administer,” Hill said. “Having one benefits company simplifies the process, rather than having medical, dental, vision and financial coverages administered on different platforms.” 

Specialty benefits are also proving helpful to retain customers.

“We’ve seen our bundling program increase or maintain retention,” Hill said. “With the savings being offered in many cases for subsequent years and with so many plan options, members can see the benefits of renewing with UnitedHealthcare.” 

When Hill mentioned the many benefits options available to employees by employers, she didn’t exaggerate the amount of possibilities. 

“UnitedHealthcare is an industry leader in that we offer medical and an array of specialty plans under one large umbrella,” she said. “We’re one of the select health plans to provide both medical and specialty coverages.”

UnitedHealthcare has a robust network of health care providers, too, which may help members have lower out-of-pocket costs and, in turn, improve the retention and renewal rates Hill touched on above.

In addition, UnitedHealthcare’s Supplemental Health Benefit Assist Program enables members with accident, critical illness or hospital indemnity protection plans to receive benefit payouts faster and easier through support from a Benefit Assistant. By analyzing claims data for a qualifying critical illness diagnosis, hospital stay or serious accident, Benefit Assistants contact via phone or email the eligible plan participant to kick-start the claim process soon after the related medical diagnosis or treatment. The result: a faster payout so the patient can focus on getting well.

“This is a huge differentiator for UnitedHealthcare and is only possible when an employer bundles their medical plan with these supplemental coverages through a single benefits company,” Hill stressed. “A lot of times members are focused on healing and forget they have certain benefits, thus delaying or missing a cash benefit that can help pay out-of-pocket expenses or cover lost income. With Benefit Assist, we make it easier and faster for eligible plan participants to claim their benefit payouts.” 

“We take it one step further with our Benefit Assistants helping eligible plan participants also take advantage of available wellness programs, resources, and incentives,” Hill added. “For instance, if a member had not yet taken advantage of a wellness exam covered under their plan, the Benefit Assistant can encourage the patient to do so. We really reward employees for their annual wellness exams, which reinforces the value of their health.”

UnitedHealthcare continues helping people live healthier lives® by keeping their health on the top of every employer’s priority list. To learn more about UnitedHealthcare’s extensive line of benefit options for employers, families, individuals and more, visit www.uhc.com.

*Savings apply only to first-year medical premiums for employers with 51-100 employees; savings continue as long as the program is in effect for employers with 101 to 2,999 employees, as long as the qualifying benefits remain in-force. uBundle is not available in all states.