Unforgettable Concerts from the Region

Unforgettable Concerts from the Region
By: Angela Abina Last Updated: March 2, 2018

We love music at Ideas in Motion Media. In fact, most days in the office are spent with the radio on for Lifers to write good news to! We know which genres our staff are into, but we wanted to see what other music that our friends in Northwest Indiana enjoy. That's why we asked our followers on Facebook what their most memorable concert was that they've ever been to and where the concert was held (since we're near so many wonderful music venues being so close to the city).

Responses were eye-opening to how popular some of these well-known names were when they were still around in the past. It's no surprise to us that the classics were their favorites. Here's what our followers said:

  • Matthew Degman – Hammond Civic Center back in the late 70s; Johnny Winter, Molly Hatchet, Frank Marino, Ted Nugent Ten Years After with Alvin Lee
  • Christopher Pino Pupillo – Pearl Jam
  • Richard Bugajski – Pearl Jam in 1995 at Soldier Field (seen 13 more times)
  • Jeffrey Coburn – Led Zeppelin in 1977 at Pontiac, Michigan
  • Dan Azonia – On July 9, 1995 – The Grateful Dead (last show with Jerry Garcia)
  • Sarah Masak-Elam – Dead and Company at Noblesville in 2016
  • Scott Goddard – Grateful Dead (any of their shows)
  • Kristen Stapay – Metallica at Chicago last year on Father’s Day with my dad
  • Ann Hawkins – Tom Petty, in the 15th row at Wrigley Field!
  • Jeff Mayer – My son played in a band called Farewell to February. They were a local band that played in bars on the weekend. They had the chance to play as a warm up for Badfish at House of Blues in Chicago.
  • Jeremy Kappes – My first concert (at 12 years old) – Pink Floyd at Soldier Field. I will never forget it.
  • Dina Stipes – Elton John and Billy Joel together in Chicago.
  • Therese Carnivele-Beavers – Eric Clapton at Chicago in 1973 or ‘74. I was about 16 or 17 years old – way long time ago! Muddy Waters were their backup.
  • Christopher Pino Pupillo – Been to well over 100, but the Neville Brothers, at Tipitina's, New Orleans in 1991 takes the cake.
  • Alysea Belcher – Def Leppard and Bon Jovi in 1988 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds
  • Cheryl Cox Ladra – Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, and Joe Cocker
  • Sandra Onia S – Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and Train (all separate)
  • Tammy L. Fogle-Dunkerley – Rolling Stones in the 6th Row at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania
  • Rick Gosser – Lady Gaga at the UC! She’s a great performer!
  • Paula Moon – Lollapalooza (the very first one) with Margy Bernal and James Skullivan in Tinley Park
  • Anne Marie Kozanda Wells – Prince at Rosemont Horizon
  • Lisa Ann – Bruce Springsteen in 2016, The River Tour
  • Donna Popp Seeley – U2, the 360 Tour at Soldier Field
  • Amanda Kristoff – Madonna at Atlanta

Unforgettable-Concerts-from-the-Region_02Did your favorite artist/concert make the list? Let us know at share@ideasinmotionmedia.com!