Tudor Floors & More Carpet One offers environment-friendly products to support green movement

Tudor Floors & More Carpet One offers environment-friendly products to support green movement
By: Julia Demma Last Updated: April 8, 2020

Editor’s note: Tudor Floors & More Carpet One’s operations have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and while the showroom is temporarily closed, the expert staff is still able to work with customers remotely to fulfill their springtime home remodeling dreams! Find updates here: https://www.tudorcarpetonevalparaiso.com/

With Earth Day approaching, Tudor Floors & More Carpet One wants customers to know the company is doing its part in keeping Mother Earth clean and healthy. Many of the products offered at Tudor Floors are fully “green” and are not harmful to the environment—or customers’ homes.

Over the years, a majority of manufacturers have positively changed the way they create products. Long gone are the days of asbestos-ridden products. Now, most manufacturers focus on creating beautiful, functioning products without damaging our environment. Some have even made efforts to help give back what has been taken from planet Earth.

Every supplier of Tudor Floors & More Carpet One is doing its part to help the environment. Throughout the Tudor Floors show room, customers will find information on how each product and supplier is either helping the environment or doing its part to limit damage in the process of manufacturing. When shopping for environment-friendly products, look for things like Floor Score Certified, Green Guard, LEED ratings, Eco Forward Construction, CRI Green Label, and Green Label Plus.

Hardwood floors, which provide a notable example of an environmentally friendly product, are so much more than a statement in your home. Hardwood floors add value to a home’s resale, are durable and last for generations, require fewer raw materials to produce, and are very easy to maintain in active households.

Shaw Industries created hardwood floors that are properly harvested, sourced, and produced in the U.S.  Shaw’s Epic Plus Engineered Hardwood has a high-density core board made from recycled post-industrial wood fibers. By creating this Stabilitek core, they use 50 percent less newly harvested wood than the most engineered floors. For more information, visit https://shawfloors.com/flooring/how-to/hardwood/how-it-s-made/epic-plus.

The Guild Line by DuChateau swears by what the company calls its “DuGood Mission.” With any hardwood order of 200 square feet or more, the company promises to plant a tree. A portion of these trees will be planted directly in areas that have been impacted by California wildfires. DuChateau hopes to plant 50 million trees by 2023. For more information, click here.

Another line of hardwood that Tudor Floors carries, Bella Cera, is harvested outside the U.S., but is Lacey Act compliant. In 2008, Congress passed the Lacey Act which prohibits wood from being illegally harvested and imported. Countries who supply wood to the United States must supply only legally logged timber, or they will face heavy penalties.

In addition to enforcing these precautions, Bella Cera has created “Green First” – a concept that ensures no material from the harvested wood is wasted. Tree bark is processed into mulch; the saw dust is used for the boilers that operate dry kilns and even used for animal bedding; trimmings are collected and used for paper and other products; and even the wood finishes are eco-friendly. Developed by Valspar, they have created wood finishes that are HAPs-free and give off zero VOC's. For more on Bella Cera, visit http://www.bellacerafloors.com/Bella-Cera-hardwood-flooring/green.aspx.

Vinyl planks and vinyl tile manufacturers who sell at Tudor Floors are also doing their share to protect the environment. CLEO vinyl is constructed from domestically sourced American limestone. By using materials like limestone, CLEO products are 100 percent solvent-free and do not contain any kind of PVC, plasticizers, phthalates, or chloro-chemicals. Learn more about CLEO products here.

Also featured at Tudor Floors, CoreTec uses a natural cork backing under their vinyl planks and tile. This provides added acoustic value and warmth underfoot with vinyl click systems. CoreTec products are GreenGuard Gold certified meaning they will emit low VOCs. Natural cork as sheeting can even be used under pad and carpet if applications are over a bonus room, above garage areas, or in areas where additional noise reduction is needed for bedrooms. 

Last but not least, carpet manufacturers are also doing great things to help the environment. Tudor Floors is excited to have just received the latest Mohawk carpet line known as Continuum. Mohawk Flooring is a supporter of The Ocean Cleanup, which is a non-profit organization that uses advanced technologies to remove plastic in our world’s oceans. The Continuum line is made of 100 percent recycled content. Every square yard of carpet contains on average 63 reclaimed plastic bottles. Tudor Floors is thrilled to offer this option to customers and support Mohawk’s efforts to keep the planet clean. For more information about Mohawk Flooring, visit https://www.mohawkflooring.com/continuum.

In addition, Godfrey Hirst, Karastan, and Masland all produce carpets made of 100 percent wool. Wool is a wonderful hypoallergenic option for customers’ homes, adding warmth with low VOCs. Natural wool is a fantastic renewable fiber. In most cases, natural wool comes from sheep grazing freely on grass. Then, the sheep are shorn every 9 to 12 months before being returned to pasture to grow more wool.

Purchasing environment-friendly products is only part of the equation when trying to run a sustainable home. Tudor Floors & More Carpet One encourages its customers to keep a healthy environment for their homes by mopping and vacuuming regularly with recommended cleaning products.

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