Top 10 videos on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

Top 10 videos on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022
By: Alayna Wilkening, Carter Dahlgren, Carter Puckett, Collin Gee, Gwen Mathis, Jenny Craig Brown Last Updated: December 27, 2022

One of our favorite things to do at GreatNews.Life is to get together with partners, community members, or organizations to share good news in a way that is fresh and exciting. That often comes through as a video! Being able to film what’s happening around us and share that with the community has been a particularly special part of 2022.

We welcomed CEOs and local leaders to the table to chat with our Founder Chris Mahlmann, we celebrated achievements across healthcare organizations, we invited females and women supporters to our annual All About the Girls event, and we did it all with a video camera and a team who loves sharing positivity to our audience. 

In no particular order, here are the top 10 videos on LaPorteCounty.Life to recap the good news in 2022!

GreatNews.Life by the Numbers

Let's look at the numbers and all the amazing growth we saw in the past year! We published tons of good news, gained all sorts of followers, and spread many smiles to all of our readers. Follow us on YouTube for great news every week!

Megan Applegate All About the Girls speech

Check out Megan Applegate's full speech from the 2022 All About the Girls Part 7 event!

City of La Porte LakeFest 2022

We're here at the lake to announce some GREAT NEWS about the La Porte LakeFest!Running July 29 through July 31, the festival boasts three days of music, art, food and fun for the whole family on La Porte’s Pine, Stone and Clear lakes. Enjoy Livin’ the Lake Life’ in the City of La Porte.

Julie West All About the Girls speech

Check out Julie West's full speech at the 2022 All About the Girls event!

Celebrate powerful women in The Region with All About the Girls

The All About the Girls podcast highlights incredible women in the Region. Check out the amazing women we've featured so far!

Leadership Life Series | NIPSCO President Mike Hooper | What are you looking for in your next leaders?

In this segment, NIPSCO President Mike Hooper sits down with GreatNews.Life Founder and Owner Chris Mahlmann to talk about future leaders. 

Hooper noted he’d like to see more upcoming leaders at NIPSCO that have different leadership styles than himself to add diversity to the company. The variety in life experiences adds more perspectives to the workplace, making it easier to problem solve and get things done. 

The City of La Porte kicks off day one of the U.S. Marines NIBC La Porte Invitational

On January 6, the City of La Porte welcomed local fans and elite prep basketball teams from around the nation for day one of the U.S. Marines NIBC La Porte Invitational hosted at the La Porte Civic Auditorium. This was the inaugural kick off for the La Porte NIBC Series that saw 22 of ESPN’s Top 100 recruits for the Class of 2022 as well as the home team – the La Lumiere Lakers – take the court.

Originally scheduled to start the series, La Lumiere’s contest against the Legacy Early College (S.C.) Lions was moved to 2 p.m. after travel conditions forced Legacy Early College to arrive late the night of January 5. Despite the adversity, both teams stormed the court to provide fans with a fast-paced, high-flying basketball game.

Heart-healthy tips to prevent heart disease

Dr. Maya Kommineni, a cardiologist with the Northwest Medical Group, shares some easy tips to your heart healthy and prevent heart disease. Watch now! Learn more about Dr. Kommineni here:

Team members at Northwest Health Outpatient Rehabilitation help PLS patient cross skydiving off his bucket list

Mitchell Udowitz, a patient at Northwest Health Outpatient Rehabilitation, was diagnosed with primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) in 2017. PLS is a rare, neuromuscular disorder that affects the central motor neurons and is characterized by progressive weakness and stiffness of the muscles.

At the beginning of his PLS journey, Mitch developed a mantra to keep him positive and inspired. It’s based on a saying by American television host, Montel Williams. Montel is currently fighting MS, a disease that also affects the central nervous system. Daily Mitch shares his mantra with all: “I have PLS, but PLS does not have me … because there’s a lot of living left to do!”

All About the Girls Podcast: Dr. Stella Kyung

This episode features Dr. Stella Kyung, a cardiologist from Northwest Health. We dive into the topic of cardiology and how to keep your body healthy. She also gave information about her history, her family, and how she really handles it all. GreatNews.Life and Podcast Host Jenny Craig-Brown have transformed the All About the Girls annual event into a podcast! These monthly episodes feature incredible women giving the audience all the insight about what makes them happy, successful, and motivational. New episodes launch on Sundays to make sure to start your week on a positive note!