Top 10 overall for LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

Top 10 overall for LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

A child celebrated the magic of the holidays at their first community parade, a single mother was given meals for the week to support her family, a football team won their first state championship since 1975, a veteran shared their historic experiences in a spotlight article, a school teacher was applauded for going above and beyond, a coworker nominated their friend for their constant acts of kindness, a mayor walked hand-in-hand with their city for a hometown parade, grocery store employees fundraised for a cause they care about, and courageous women stood up on stage to talk about what makes them strong.

All of this happened in 2022, and believe it or not, there’s even more. There is endless good news and positivity surrounding us, sometimes you just have to look in the right places. Thank you to the people of the Greater Northwest Indiana community for giving us so much to share and being willing to support the Life Sites as we work to make our corner of the world a little brighter each year.

To recap it all in the best way we can, here are the top 10 articles across all sections of LaPorteCounty.Life published in 2022. 

Top 10 business articles on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

From highlighting some of the amazing employees across the many organizations in our Region, to celebrating businesses through their successes, to supporting various groups during their ups and downs, 2022 involved a lot in the world of business that we were proud to share about on the GreatNews.Life sites.

Veterinarians continued to care for beloved pets in the community, new developments were made and ground-breaking events were held, workers celebrated work anniversaries, doors were opened to brand new complexes, and nonprofits continued to support those with greatest need.

Top 10 sports articles on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

Football, basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, cross country, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, track & field, and more filled our feeds this past year, featuring all the good news about our Region athletes in their respective sports. There is so much talent to go around in our area, and we had a blast attending games, matches, meets, and more to help others see the action from a unique perspective.

Whether it was state championships, basketball invitationals, gymnastics sectionals, regional tournaments, new clubs, or anything in between, we shared it all in 2022 on behalf of the high schools and colleges that make our Region proud.

Top 10 health articles on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

If previous years taught us anything, it’s to prioritize our wellbeing and take care of ourselves through difficult times. Each year brings new stressors and challenges, but being able to take a look at your health and make changes that promote wellness can make all the difference. 

In 2022, we shared news about all sorts of health topics: dental care, mental health, fitness, weight loss, urgent needs, sleep therapy, nutrition, and more. We’re glad to partner with such great organizations, businesses, and healthcare groups to help share the good and keep our Region a healthy one.

Top 10 community articles on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

If there’s one word that could be used to describe the people, places, feelings, experiences, things, and overall vibe of the Region, it’d be community. Our individual, collective, and shared communities are what make our Region so special, and in 2022, we published a lot of content surrounding communities.

Whether it was making kids smile, bringing awards to the most deserving, hard-working people, volunteering for a cause we care about, celebrating what it means to be together, or anything in between, we all felt a sense of community this year in one way or another.

Top 10 feature articles on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

It’s not everyday that you get to sit down with a cancer survivor, a military veteran, a change-maker in the community, or a thriving high school student and get a look into what it’s like to live in their shoes. By sitting down with the members of this Region, we’re able to learn a bit more about their experiences, and also what makes them so great to have around.

It’s special moments like these that we are particularly proud to share on the GreatNews.Life sites, including Life in the Spotlights, Survivor Series, Veteran Spotlight, Leadership Life, City in the Spotlight, Voices, and more.

Top 10 videos on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

One of our favorite things to do at GreatNews.Life is to get together with partners, community members, or organizations to share good news in a way that is fresh and exciting. That often comes through as a video! Being able to film what’s happening around us and share that with the community has been a particularly special part of 2022.

We welcomed CEOs and local leaders to the table to chat with Chris Mahlmann, we celebrated achievements across healthcare organizations, we invited females and women supporters to our annual All About the Girls event, and we did it all with a video camera and a team who loves sharing positivity to our audience. 

Top 10 photo galleries on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

In 2022, you probably saw one of our photographers wearing GreatNews.Life apparel attending a sporting event, graduation ceremony, holiday festival, hometown parade, business celebration, or other special event near you. The photos captured at these gatherings were shared on your news feeds over the year, and each one tells a special story, a moment in time that you can now cherish forever.

Whether it was of you crossing the finish line at a race, of a neighbor you know getting nominated at an awards ceremony, or of your own child holding their diploma proudly at their graduation ceremony, there are so many photos worth sharing, and we thank you for providing us with so much good to photograph.

Top 10 entertainment articles on LaPorteCounty.Life in 2022

In La Porte County, we live, we work, and of course, we play. In 2022, we found time to sing along at concerts, grab tickets to festivals, celebrate holidays like the Fourth of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, attend theatre productions, and cherish the moment with those around us to create new memories. 

We’re grateful to live in a Region that offers so much to do with new and exciting opportunities arising each year, and 2022 was no different. Thank you to our partners for inviting us to such cool events this year to help share the good news with others, and thank you to the greater community for always bringing the fun.