Top 10 Entertainment Articles on LaPorteCountyLife from 2017

Top 10 Entertainment Articles on LaPorteCountyLife from 2017
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: December 26, 2017

La Porte County was home to some seriously entertaining events this year like choir concerts, races, cook offs, parades, brew fests, and more! All these community events that come out of Northwest Indiana really highlight what makes our communities a great place to live and enjoy. We are happy to bring you the top ten entertainment stories we covered this year that brought a smile to our faces and made our community a little brighter.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_02 Read the Story Behind Johnny Cash’s Michigan City Song
We learned a little history about the little known origins of Johnny Cash’s Michigan City song, which was about Indiana prisoner Johnson Van Dyke Grigsby.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_03 Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 Maple City Grand Prix
The Maple City Grand Prix hosted some amazing watercraft races and spectacles that entertained all who came out.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_04 La Pour Brew Fest Delights La Porte on a Dark and Stormy Afternoon
La Pour was a great opportunity for residents to come out and enjoy some of the fine brews from all over the region and have a good time.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_05 Top Ten Best Summer Food Stops in La Porte County
We go over some of the most scrumptious eateries in La Porte County to sate your summer hunger.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_06 Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s 2017 Holiday at the Pops Brings Community Together to Kick off the Holiday Season
The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte hosted its annual Holiday at the Pops concert to benefit their programs for area children and kick off the holiday season with amazing performances we were happy to be there to witness!

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_07 Community Turns out for Amazing Food & Grill-Knowledge at Kabelin Ace Hardware’s 3rd Annual Grill Fest
The folks at Kabelin Ace Hardware know a thing about grilling, and they showed off their skills for the community this summer!

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_08 Michigan City Area Schools Hosts Successful 2017 One City One Sound Concert
The Michigan City Schools came together to as they always do during the Christmas season, to make beautiful music for Michigan City and bring a feeling of unity.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_09 Last-Ever Christmas Concert in La Porte High School Auditorium is a Huge Holiday Success
In what was the last concert performed in their auditorium, La Porte High School threw a Christmas Concert to remember!

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_10 Michigan City's Patriotic Parade Brings Families Together to Celebrate Veterans
The Michigan City Patriotic Parade gave the city a chance to express their love for the country that has given them so much and the soldiers who serve it.

Top-10-LPCL-Entertainment-2017_11 7th Annual Blue Chip Brewfest Welcomes Over 2,000 to the Blue Chip Casino
For the 7th year in a row, Blue Chip Casino wowed attendees to their annual Brew Fest with some of the best and brightest beers from the region and beyond.