Tips on Dealing with Scammers

By: Michigan City Police Department Last Updated: September 24, 2012

Michigan-City-PoliceYellow Pages Scam

Calls are being generated from the 409 area code in which it indicates originating in Beaumont, Texas.

The first scam targets businesses where receptionists or secretaries receive a call from a person identifying themselves as the “Yellow Pages” confirming the company ad or updating their records.

He or she proceeds by asking to confirm some basic information which is confirmed, such as owner’s name, business phone number, address, and company name. Then they start billing the company and indicate the person whom they spoke with ordered the ad.

Again the second “Spin” on this same con is that they then ask you if you would like to “Cancel your Yellow Pages Ad?” Well you of course you say, “Yes” and they then verify who you are and the cancellation only to bill the company again as they are scamming you to cancel an ad you never had in the first place. Then they send you a bill for cancelling the non-existent ad showing it was cancelled by the receptionist that answered the phone. It gets rather confusing but that is how cons work and companies would rather pay a bill than to argue.

Medicare Card Scam

Another SCAM from the same area code and location states that they are updating Medicare Cards and will be sending a new card to your address. It is very believable and sounds “official” as they ask for all of your identifying information including your Checking Account number and routing number. Please do not fall for this type of scam and others like it. Remember to NEVER give personal information over the phone to anyone for any reason.

Ways to respond to telemarketers & robo-callers

Feel like sounding off about those annoying telemarketing calls? You’re not alone.

More than 16,000 consumers have filed Do Not Call and robo-call complaints with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office so far this year – that’s more than the total number received in 2011.

Why so many calls? Scammers don’t follow the law so they don’t filter out phone numbers registered on Indiana’s Do Not Call list. Caller ID spoofing technology allows them to disguise the source of the call to evade investigators and prosecution. Companies and scammers can use autodialers to send out thousands of phone calls every minute at a low cost.

What can you do if you receive a robocall? Hang up immediately. Do not press a number to get off the list. Pressing a number confirms the scammers called a working line and they can sell your information.

Answer an unwanted call from a live operator? Here is my favorite solution… Get back at them as they don’t care how much you complain. Go to the store and buy a “referee’s whistle” keep it next to your phone. When you receive an unwanted soliciting call, say, ….“Hang on a minute” …..pick up your whistle and blow loud and strong into the receiver. I guarantee they won’t be calling you back and probably won’t be calling others for a short while!

As always if you feel that you have been scammed or someone is attempting to cheat you please contact Sgt. Chris Yagelski 873-1461 ext. #333 or email