Tippy’s renovated bar is Winamac’s new go-to hangout

Tippy’s renovated bar is Winamac’s new go-to hangout

In a small town like Winamac, fun and comfortable places to hang out, knock back a few drinks, and have a great time can be hard to come by. It’s not often people can find the perfect place to relax. Luckily for the Winamac community, Tippy’s has them covered. The local pizza restaurant recently underwent an incredible renovation and added a brand new bar and 21+ seating areas that no one is going to want to miss.

The new bar area, or as the Tippy’s team likes to call it, the Grappa Room, is the laid-back and comfortable place people have been yearning for. The Grappa features a walnut bar top and beautiful walnut sliding doors. The floor is stamped concrete, and the walls are a bright, inviting purple. There are plenty of different seating options for any vibe a person is looking for. You can sit at the bar or mingle around tables. There’s even a section of leather couches if you’re looking for something cozier.

“It's just an experience to be in the environment,” said Sheila Hazemi-Jiminez, owner of Tippy’s.

When designing her new bar, Hazemi-Jiminez had the community in mind. Having lived in the small town for most of her life, Hazemi-Jiminez knew exactly what the community was missing, and she wanted to provide it.

“I wanted it to be a completely different experience for Winamac. There’s nowhere in town that has that comfortable, laid-back atmosphere where people can just hang out and have a drink. I wanted people to walk out and be able to say to their friends ‘Wow! Have you been there? It's amazing!’ and I feel like we've accomplished that,” said Hazemi-Jiminez.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Hazemi-Jiminez achieved her goal. People are already going crazy over the renovations and the new atmosphere.

“There have been so many wonderful comments. I have a lot of people coming in and saying, ‘This is amazing! How did you come up with this?’ It’s been awesome,” said Hazemi-Jiminez.

It’s not just the Grappa that makes Tippy’s such a special place, though. It’s the hardworking employees who always strive to give customers an unforgettable experience.

“Our servers are top-notch. When a person walks in, they know their name, and they know what they want to drink. So, on top of the atmosphere, the quality of service makes Tippy's so special,” said Hazemi-Jiminez.

During the pandemic, many businesses, especially restaurants, had a difficult time staying open. Tippy’s was no exception; however, the team worked hard and pulled through together, and now with the addition of the Grappa, Tippy’s is back stronger than ever.

“I'm proud that we survived the pandemic. I’m grateful that we can continue to grow the business. It’s honestly just nice to see the restaurant full after everyone was apart for so long,” said Hazemi-Jiminez.

Since the pandemic, Tippy’s is always looking for ways to give people a way to get out of the house. This upcoming Saturday, October 22, Tippy’s will be holding a stand-up comedian night at 7 p.m. The event, featuring Devin Glass, Brad Rigler, Jeffrey Lewis, and Tim Brennan, is sure to be a hit. Not to mention, people who haven’t already can check out the Grappa for themselves.

So come on out to Tippy’s to enjoy some delicious food, great drinks, and an atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else!