This State of the Art Machine is For Sale and Available from Steindler Signs & Graphix

SteindlerSignsRouter1For those who have seen the handy work of Steindler Sign’s projects, their craftsmanship and professionalism can be seen in all of their products. Along with their excellent professional staff, the Steindler Signs crew utilizes a series of high-tech machines to assist them with each job.

One of these tools is a router, a tool used to cut out a piece of hard material and is responsible for creating the many different signs and designs on them.

SteindlerSignsRouter2“This is a machine we use every day to rout out all our 3D letters and signs,” says Creative Director & Project Manager of Steindler Signs & Graphics Justin Lattz. “You can lay down aluminum, plastic, wood and pretty much any material and cut virtually any shape.”

This router is capable of creating high-quality work and allows a level of productivity that just isn’t possible by hand, and allows a significant reduction to waste, time and human errors.

This router is available for sale directly from Steindler Signs. Some specs include:

Active Transit /Cutting speeds 900/700 IPM

4HP Spindle (24,000 RPM)

Mechanical home switches

R and P on X and Y Drives, Ball Screw on z axis

Power 220

Easy to use G-code controller


Table Size: 69" x 137"

X,Y,Z Working Area: 61" x 121" x 12"

X,Y,Z, Traveling Position Accuracy: +/-.002"

Frame Structure: Steel

X.Y Structure: Anti-backlash Rack and Pinion

Z Structure: Orbital Ball Screw

Max Speed: 0-900 IPM

Max Working Speed: 0-700 IPM

Spindle Power Motor: High-Frequency Conversion Water Cooled Motor

Working Mode: 24000r/min

Working Voltage: AC220V

Command: Includes MACH controller, G-Code, dxf

Interface: PC

XY Working Tolerance: < 0.02mm

Software: Mach3, Type3 full function 3d

Packing Size: 86" x 144" x 44"

Net Weight: 1,500 lbs

SteindlerSignsRouter3Along with these stats, a hold-down vacuum and water pump for the water-cooled spindle is also included.

If you are interested in this product, it is available for sale for $19,500 or your best offer for all included. If interested, please call 312-725-9231.