This Little Light of Mine

By: Erin Parker Last Updated: February 15, 2015

sparkforchange rotator2-newThere is an epidemic sweeping the world. It’s destroying neighborhoods, cities, and countries, but it is not broadcast on the nightly news or printed in the papers. It’s not one discussed in schools or by government leaders. Today, our world is full of people who think their lives do not have the power to make an impact on the world. Once this feeling seeps into one’s heart and soul, it is all but over. To go through life believing that your life has no chance of changing the world hurts you and everyone else.

We must believe that our lives matter and have the power to leave a mark.

If not, what are we even here for? I truly feel the majority of people are content living the status quo. They only do the minimum expected because the idea of being special or great seems limited to those with money and power. Zip codes and bank accounts do not determine the ability to spark or invoke a revolution, and they never will. Passion and courage are the only necessities. Passion is what leads you to your arena of change. What can you offer? Where do your skills lie? Courage is what you need to stand up and step out.

Making an impact doesn’t not mean you have to help the seven billion people on the planet. Maybe your neighborhood needs redirecting. Maybe you can lend your skill and passion to those in need. Small change can spark bigger change. It’s possible, and we must all believe that. Your life matters, and it can help that of another.

I am one of these people who believe I can impact the world. I am often received with sighs and chuckles about how my head is in the clouds and that I need to grow up. If growing up means accepting things for the way they are, I want to stay the way I am. It’s not juvenile to dream of a better world. It’s not idealistic either. It’s realistic. People have way more potential and power than we give them credit for. I just wish more people over the age of 10 believed it.

I encourage you to find what it is that you can offer this world to make it better. Can you knit? Maybe you make blankets for children in hospitals. Are you a painter? Start a summer class and help others learn your trade. Do you love gardening? Plant flowers for your community. Are you an organizational master? Plan a community event. Remember all you need is a little passion and courage. Life starts when you arm yourself with those two weapons and take a step out of your own bubble.

We obsess about every tiny disease that makes its way across the globe except the one that’s plaguing us now: apathy. Realize your power and potential, and never let it go to waste. We need what you have to offer. It’s time to make a difference and leave your mark on the world.

Go be great,