The Supportive Act That Lead to Supporting Herself

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: April 8, 2013

This week we have an avid runner who's story starts with inspiration and ends with...wait, it hasn't ended yet. Sherri Guba is nowhere near done running and enjoying her active lifestyle that she took up a few years back. 

So read on to find our what keeps Guba pounding the pavement. If you want to share your story about how you are Active in NWI, send it and a few photos to {portage}{/portage}{laporte}{/laporte}{valpo}{/valpo}{nwindiana}{/nwindiana}!

Written by Sherri Guba of Valparaiso, IN.

I, Sherri Guba, started running two years ago. In fact, my very first race was Ringing in Spring in Valparaiso. Before this race I had no interest at all in running. I had two extensive knee surgeries and just thought that running was plain dumb! I was inspired by a young mother and wife from Valparaiso, Kelly Asbell, who has Cystic Fibrosis. She wanted to run this race and to be an athlete for a day. She wanted a bunch of friends to run this race with her. So I decided to take on the challenge and train. I mean after all it was just a three mile race, right? Well I trained from January of 2011 until that day in April. That was all that it took. I ran the race and was hooked. I crossed that finished line in 30:58 and felt great! From there on, there was no looking back!

That same year I ran a few other 5K's, got talked into doing the Sprint Triathlon in Valparaiso that July, and in that November I ran the Valparaiso 1/2 marathon. What a life changing experience this was for me. I began eating healthy, working out six days a week, and lost over 35 pounds! My husband, Phil, is now working out by my side. He works out with me at the gym, and he rides his bike with me when I am out on my training runs.

In May of 2012 my son, Corey Paulsen, ran his very first 5K with me in the Kent’s Run. I was one very proud mom as my son was inspired to also get in shape to train for a run in a race. My family continued to encourage and work out with me and in November of 2012 I ran The Chicago Marathon with my family cheering me on. I finished at 4:20:38!

Running has changed my lifestyle. Being 42-years-old I am determined to stay fit, eat right, and live with less stress -not only for myself but for my family as well. Running and training for races from 5Ks to marathons and sprint triathlons to Mudathlons has been a great experience and a healthy lifestyle change. I now talk to everyone I know about the benefits of being active and living a healthy lifestyle!

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