The Latest Lifer: Kami Tupiak

The Latest Lifer: Kami Tupiak
By: Kami Tupiak Last Updated: November 29, 2018

I grew up in Lake Village, a small town here in Indiana most haven’t even heard of, with my two older sisters and younger brother. I’ve always loved the small town feel, but when I married my husband we moved to a larger town, North Judson. We live peacefully with our evil cat and three year old munchkin, who are the most important people in my life. With all that said, there are still a few more layers to peel back. After getting a degree in Graphic Design, I worked as a manager in the food service for a few years, and worked on photography as well on the side. I’d like to believe I’m well rounded, with so many interests in the mix, it's hard to settle with just one. I’m also that person who will talk to you in line at the grocery store, even if I don’t know you (Thanks Mom!).

Now enough with the background, let’s fast forward to now. After leaving the crazy hectic days of the food service I started to miss the fast pace energy I needed to stay motivated. One fateful Halloween a job posting for the Life sites showed in my Facebook feed and I jumped on it. But really, I quite literally started jumping up and down. After following Ideas in Motion Media and the life sites for about 5 years, the perfect opportunity finally presented itself.

Tupiak-Welcome-Article_01 I’ve always loved discovering the good happening locally on the Life sites. You see, growing up around here, we have always been labeled as a part of the “Chicagoland Area”, but that has changed. Now, we have consistent good news coming from our region on the Life sites. In a time where the news focuses solely on the negative, the Life sites act as a breath of fresh air. This had me hooked from the start.

Tupiak-Welcome-Article_03 Now here I am, a Lifer. This is where I am meant to be, where I finally fit in with the pace. I am utilizing all of my interests and learning more every day. My full title? “Administrative Assistant”. But here, we learn to do it all. It’s compassionate and fast-paced work, but so very rewarding in the end.