La Porte Salvation Army Announces Christmas in July

By: Salvation Army of La Porte Last Updated: July 1, 2014

salvation-army-logoThe La Porte Salvation Army is throwing out its net in search of monetary and food donations to help our neighbors in need. "We are concerned that we won't be able to help people arriving at our door through the summer," says Envoy Greg Irwin. “The Salvation Army has always relied on the generosity of our local residents to help us do our work, and the gracious folks here in La Porte always respond. We are making a special plea to replenish our pantry as the summer demand has been unusually high.”

In June alone the food pantry served 896 folks and it is anticipated that number will grow as the summer heats up. Explaining the Corps' current need, Greg points out that "Our holiday donations carried us this far but donations are needed to carry us through the summer. In anticipation of this The Salvation Army of La Porte is announcing its second annual one day “Christmas in July” event to be held on Saturday, July 19th at many local businesses. The kettles, Santa in Bermuda shorts, Sally Ann Krinkles, Libby the bell ringing horse, and others will all be out to spread the Christmas cheer in July for one day. We are looking for volunteer Bell Ringers for this day. If you are willing to volunteer to ring the bell, call Jari Troth at 219-363-9203. Monetary donations as well as food donations will be accepted at the following locations: Al's East and West, Kroger, Kmart, Kabelin’s Ace hardware West, both Walgreens east and west, Phillips 66 on Pine Lake ave. LaPorte Post office, LaPorte Savings Bank and Wells Fargo

To donate by phone to The Salvation Army of La Porte, call 1-800-SAL-ARMY, or mail your gifts to P.O. Box 208 La Porte, 46350 or make a donation online at SALAPORTE.ORG

Besides feeding hungry people, The Salvation Army of La Porte provides clothing for the needy, emergency shelter, and counseling for the sick at heart. There is always a friendly, compassionate ear at The Salvation Army of La Porte, where the confused and the injured can pour out their hearts and never have to fear judgment.

Who are the truly needy? Among them are hardworking, low-income families whose food budgets stretch to the breaking point in summer, when their children no longer receive school lunches. Others include laid- off workers who have run through their savings while seeking new employment. These seasonal visitors to The Salvation Army of La Porte swell the ranks of the regulars - the homeless, chronically unemployed and psychologically disadvantaged who have been receiving food, clothing, shelter and counseling throughout the year. As a result, "We currently find all of our supplies running low this summer," confesses Greg.

The La Porte Corps is asking for donations from "all the good folks who care so deeply about this community," concludes Greg "The community’s timely help will demonstrate to the needy God's love and support, keeping hope in their hearts and creating a bridge to a better tomorrow." If interested in helping with “Christmas in July” please call the Corps at 219-326-5342 and ask for Envoy Bethany Irwin.