The La Porte Report: The La Porte High School Marching Band Triumphs

The La Porte High School Marching Band is a powerhouse of energy, and musical talent. The amount of work and effort put into every move, every beat, and every song at every practice and competition shines through when they are ready to preform. With winning State last year, the band is on top of the world and is hoping that this year they will be able to take the competition by storm yet again.

The La Porte Marching Band wastes no time when it comes to practice. During Band Camp, which is a two week period, the band is practicing from 8:30 A.M til 5:30 P.M., preparing the band for football games, and upcoming fall competitions.

Megan Riley, a clarinet player in the Marching Band says that “everyday we come to the high school and spend the entire morning out on the skillet [better known as the parking lot.]”

Riley and the rest of the band are practicing in order to better themselves as musicians and performers. For Jonah Cedar, the band’s drum major, his major goal is “for all the members to be the best they can possibly be and have no regrets this season.”

Cedar takes charge of the band most of the time. During rehearsals he leads and directs the band, making sure they are in time and marching to the same beat. He ensures that the entire band is prepared for every game and every performance, so they can wow any crowd.

Mickey Stisher, the Marching Band Director and the Head of the Music Department of La Porte High School, is already impressed with how the band is doing. This year, the band has been selected to go the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is the oldest parade in the country. The band got selected through an application and video audition. The parade will give the band an extra boost of confidence and strength for upcoming competitions. It will give the band a chance to display who they are, and represent the musical talent that comes out of La Porte.

After the parade, the band will then go to New York, and take a tour of the marvelous city, so the band can have a chance to unwind and be rewarded for the hard work they put in.

“Having Won state last year we definitely want to try and do that again this year, and we know it’s tough. Being on top of the mountain is hard since there are people who want to push us off,” Stisher said, “we are off to a good start, and I think that the way things are going so far, it is definitely a possibility to win state, especially since the kids are working so hard.”

Stisher talks about the process of getting to state, that there are day-by-day goals to focus on, which will ultimately get to the main goal; State Competition. While winning the State Championship isn't talked about everyday at practice, it is definitely something to shoot for. It is something that won't be brought up, for the band has to focus on the little things, the small techniques before triumphantly winning state again, and staying on the top of the mountain for another year.

Band Camp this year has really brought out the best in the musicians. Through all the practice and hard work, it is definitely impressing those leading them. Everyday of practice has been paying off, and those day-by-day goals are being reached. Everyday of the season is just as important as the next. The upcoming season will be one that will bring out the best if the Marching Band. This season holds a lot of excitement for the band members, it has the Parade to offer, and the tantalizing realization that another state win is a possibility.