The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte encourages breast health with mammogram program

By: Healthcare Foundation of La Porte Last Updated: October 6, 2019

La Porte, IN – October is breast cancer awareness month and early detection of breast cancer increases the overall chances of survival. Although mammograms cannot prevent breast cancer, they can save lives by detecting breast cancer early and preventing the need for more invasive treatments. In years 2010-2014, the breast cancer incidence rate in La Porte County was 116.5 cases per 100,000 females while in 2011-2015 the incidence rate was 112.3. (Ten 2030) 

We have made significant progress, but there is much more to do. The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) has established, with a grant from the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust (IBCAT), the Breast Cancer Project.  The Breast Cancer Project is an established comprehensive effort in La Porte County which encourages and educates women about breast health and the importance of early detection. This effort provides screening mammograms and diagnostic mammography services to uninsured and underinsured women who meet the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) High-Risk criteria or are forty years of age and older. 

To see if you or someone you love qualifies for a FREE voucher for a mammogram and to learn more about the Breast Cancer Project, please visit you meet the three criteria ((1) age 40 and older or meet High Risk Status defined by the ACS; (2) uninsured, underinsured, or participating in a High Deductible Health Care Plan; and (3) meet the income guidelines presented at the web link), please schedule an appointment with your physician located in La Porte County. Print the document found at the web link provided and bring it to your appointment and reference the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s mammogram voucher program. 

Physician offices who are not familiar with the program or do not have the paperwork for the mammogram voucher may call the HFL at 219.326.2471 to request a copy. It’s best to do so while the patient is at the office so you can secure their signature and information. 


The mission of the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte is to empower our residents to live healthy and well in and around La Porte, Indiana. This not for profit foundation’s vision is for La Porte to be among the 10 healthiest communities in Indiana by 2030. You can learn more about how we support the community and get involved in our efforts at or by calling 219.326.2471.