The GreenHouse at Zao Island Offers Upscale, Elegant, and Entertaining Weddings and Events

The GreenHouse at Zao Island Offers Upscale, Elegant, and Entertaining Weddings and Events

Every wedding is special thanks to the people in it, but an excellent venue can elevate a memorable wedding to an unforgettable one for the couple and everyone involved. Zao Island, one of the Region’s most iconic locations, expanded their services this year by opening the GreenHouse Wedding and Event Center, a beautiful building that offers an upscale wedding experience without sacrificing any of the unique fun Zao Island is known for.

Connected to Zao Island, the GreenHouse affords guests total privacy for their event, but the freedom to venture out and explore the many attractions of the Island. Constructed in 2018, Zao Island and the Wright family wanted to provide Region residents a venue that accommodates events of all scale, tone, and style.

From their famous alligator exhibit to their nationally recognized miniature golf course, Zao Island’s attractions offer something for everyone. Strapping a laser tag vest on over your tux or dress before stepping outside to feed alligators, that’s the kind of experience you cannot find anywhere else in Northwest Indiana.

Aside from the attractions, the GreenHouse offers a uniquely customizable experience. Local favorites like Valpo Velvet can set up shop with their food trucks outside the venue, while Zao Island and the GreenHouse offer their own basic and high-end food packages, bar and liquor packages, and much more.

While the GreenHouse was built with weddings in mind, the venue is perfect for any manner of get-together. Proms, reunions, shows, and corporate gatherings are all accommodated, and event planners are available to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Upscale, elegant, and entertaining are the words that guide any experience at the GreenHouse. Learn more, book an event, or schedule a call with an event planner at For more about the attractions at Zao Island, visit