The 1st Source Bank mobile app is a personal banker in your pocket

The 1st Source Bank mobile app is a personal banker in your pocket

1st Source Bank is committed to offering a convenient and highly personalized banking experience to all its clients. One of the most important ways they fulfill that goal is with the 1st Source Bank Mobile Banking app. Available on the App Store and Google Play, the 1st Source Bank app provides robust, easy-to-use banking services tailored to the needs of its clients. 

“It’s essentially having a personal banker with you any time of the day, anywhere you are,” said Head of Consumer & Electronic Banking, Joe Noffsinger. “It gets rid of the sometimes arduous, transactional process of coming in to deposit a check or transferring money around. With the app, you can do all of that from your phone.” 

The 1st Source Bank app includes all the features clients expect from a modern banking app, including mobile check deposits, balance transfers, card control, e-statements, and full transaction history. 

“What makes it unique is that with each feature we add, we first listen to what our local customers want and then use that as our guiding voice in researching the latest technologies to provide them a solution,” Noffsinger said. “We hear what our clients want and design the app around capturing their day-to-day needs in a digital format.” 

One of the most popular features in the app is Zelle – a secure way to quickly send or receive money to or from people you know and trust who have a U.S. bank account. 

“If I ask somebody to run to the store for me and pick something up, I don’t need to give them cash,” he said. “I can just send them 15 bucks through Zelle, which is a free feature, and they’ll receive it on their end in a matter of seconds. It’s especially useful in the COVID-19 environment because you don’t even need to leave your house and meet face-to-face to exchange money with people you know.” 

Noffsinger noted that it is easy to overwhelm users with too many niche features or a clunky, unreadable interface. The team at 1st Source Bank designed the experience so that even the least tech-savvy among us can easily navigate the app and make use of the features they need. 

“We make sure that we’re putting the most prevalent information up front for our clients,” he said. “When you open the app, your accounts are front and center. The last thing we want is for them to need to hunt or dig through the app to try and find the tool they’re trying to use.” 

The team members at every 1st Source Bank branch are fully trained on the app’s functions. Clients do not need to call an unfamiliar customer service number for help, they can simply turn to their local 1st Source Bank team. 

“We have a great customer support team on-call, but a client’s local banker is always available to help,” Noffsinger said. “We’re not just leaving our clients to explore on their own, we want to give them every resource they need.” 

Ultimately, 1st Source Bank built the app according to their founding philosophy: always keep the client’s best interests in mind. 

“When we see all the latest trends, we look through a client’s lens,” Noffsinger said. “We might see a feature and think, ‘Yes, this is cool, but is it really something that’s going to benefit our clients?’ We put a high priority on their needs by making sure that whatever we put in the app is intuitive to them and works in their daily lives rather than just adding another complication to it.” 

1st Source Bank’s focus on crafting an experience for their local clients has created positive results indicated by a 4.8/5 rating on the App Store and a 4.7/5 rating on Google Play. 

“Overall, the response has been overwhelming,” Noffsinger said. “Those are really hard scores to achieve and maintain, and that’s over thousands of ratings from clients who are really enjoying the app. I couldn’t be happier for their support and feedback.” 

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