Teresa Ludlow Brought Laughter and True Commitment to the City of La Porte

Teresa Ludlow Brought Laughter and True Commitment to the City of La Porte
By: Blair Milo Last Updated: October 1, 2018

It’s hard to put into words all that Teresa Ludlow, who recently passed, was to so many people. Even referencing her in past tense is its own challenge. As I think to times I would describe Teresa to those who didn’t know her I’d say, “Teresa is crazy, and I absolutely adore her!” As Clerk Treasurer, Teresa selflessly served in a role that was unimaginably complex with little opportunities for others to fully appreciate her talent.

La Porte was so blessed to be the beneficiary of her skills. Municipal finance is not a field most sane people are willing to step into as it involves tremendous attention to detail on a wide array of subjects, an ability to constantly adapt to new requirements, a talent for predicting economic impacts, the patience to consistently engage with a wide variety of opinions, and all in the microscope of the public eye. Teresa did all of that, oftentimes with a healthy dose of sarcasm and a cackling laugh, because she had a passion for serving others. I don’t know that La Porte would have been able to weather its financial challenges without Teresa and her team for their impressive, almost magical, service in sorting through those exceedingly difficult days. Our community will always owe our gratitude to Teresa for her innovation, patience, tenacity and service.

Teresa could be equally exasperating and hilarious in the same meeting, but her commitment to service and others were always evident. Teresa was crazy fun; bringing laughter, expertise and perspective to the most frustrating or mundane of meetings. Teresa was crazy-committed to La Porte and ensuring its financial health despite unpredictable challenges. Teresa loved her family and friends like crazy and would do/often did anything for them/us.

Teresa was crazy and many of us absolutely adored her. I'm so thankful she can be at peace after a hard-fought battle and watch over us with her unmatched sense of humor. We will miss her like crazy, but her legacy will live on through the friends and family whose lives she made so much richer, and through the community she loved and served so well.