TEN2030 is La Porte County’s Central Hub for Community Health and Wellness Data and Information

TEN2030 is La Porte County’s Central Hub for Community Health and Wellness Data and Information

During this season of giving, Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) invites county residents to experience the gift of data and information and visit TEN2030.

“TEN2030 is HFL’s first gift to the community,” said HFL President and CEO Maria Fruth. “TEN2030 is a central hub of information with up-to-date data and a local resource library that everyone can access.” 

TEN2030 gets its name from the foundation’s vision to be among the top 10 healthiest communities in Indiana by 2030.

“To do that, the community needs easily accessible and up-to-date data on our county to make informed decisions and monitor progress, and residents need to know where to access resources to meet pressing health and wellness needs,” Fruth said. “HFL’s mission is empowering La Porte County residents to live healthy and well, and TEN2030 is a key tool for doing this.”

TEN2030 Provides Data, Resources, and Grant Opportunity Information

TEN2030 is a one stop shop for demographic and health and wellness related data. With a simple search, La Porte County residents can find information on a wide range of topics related to health and wellness. For example, users can find data on employment, housing, student educational performance, air quality, the density of grocery stores and fast-food restaurants, consumption of high-sugar foods, smoking and substance use, and many health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, asthma, and more. Users can also access information about how these conditions affect certain populations within the county, including children, women, the elderly, and others.

TEN2030 also connects county residents with local resources. Numerous programs and community-serving organizations in La Porte County are listed in the site’s database, making it quick, easy, and simple to find help and support for a variety of health-related needs and concerns. 

“For example, if you need support with breastfeeding, accessing food through a food pantry, or finding a mental health provider, you can search the local resource library for La Porte County on TEN2030,” said HFL Senior Program Officer Jessica Mace. 

TEN2030 additionally serves as a great resource for organizations who are looking for funding opportunities and promising practices. Users can search for grant opportunities and promising projects and programs, many of which are evidence based, to adapt to their communities to improve health and wellness. This is ideal for nonprofit and government entities looking for information that will help them develop and finance programs to help their communities thrive. 

Custom Reports and Dashboards at Your Fingertips

HFL’s partners and grantees have found TEN2030 to be an impressive tool. 

“TEN2030 truly is a gift,” said Pam Henderson, grants and communication director for Dunebrook. “This easy-to-use tool is invaluable in helping Dunebrook present strong needs statements to prospective funders, which is a driving force as they consider where to invest grant dollars.” 

For those wanting to track certain data or gather information on a specific topic, TEN2030 gives them the option to create a custom report or dashboard. Users can create a custom report and then have the option to download that report and use it how they best see fit, whether that be as a PDF or a snapshot to use in a presentation. A custom dashboard is a great way to monitor issues and track progress. Users can save a link to their custom dashboard and even embed the dashboard on their own website. 

Mace noted that TEN2030 offers options for visualizing information on custom reports and dashboards that include gauges comparing the value to other Indiana counties, trend arrows, and graphs showing change over time, among other options. 

“You can choose how you want to see information as there's a lot of customization that can be done,” said Mace.

“TEN2030 also allows us to monitor community trends and bring awareness to concerns so that, as a service provider, we are responsive to the ever-changing needs of children and families,” Henderson added. “Its broad scope makes TEN2030 relevant to every individual and entity – from community decision makers to agencies to healthcare providers to schools to stakeholders – to better understand how our community fares and how we can make it stronger. On our own, Dunebrook would not have the capacity to capture such comprehensive and accurate data from such respected sources. TEN2030 is one of Dunebrook’s most-used data resources.” 

Explore TEN2030

To ensure users have access to the resources available in the community, HFL invites organizations providing services in La Porte County to contribute a resource to be included in the TEN2030 resource library database. 

For organizations wishing to create and host a dashboard on their website, please contact HFL at contact@hflaporte.org.

Visit the TEN2030 website to explore the resource hub. For more information on Healthcare Foundation of La Porte, visit its website at hflaporte.org.