SVI DYNAMICS Excited to Be Operating in the La Porte Community as New Downtown Office Opens

SVI DYNAMICS Excited to Be Operating in the La Porte Community as New Downtown Office Opens
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: July 21, 2017

Recently, SVI DYNAMICS, a division of SVI Industrial headquartered in Pineville, North Carolina, established operations in downtown La Porte.

SVI DYNAMICS Director of Sales, Scott Schreeg, is a La Porte County native and spoke about the company’s fresh start in a revitalized downtown area, saying,”We’re excited because it’s kind of a new beginning for us. We were just looking for office space and La Porte seemed like a very good location.”

Working with the Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation’s (GLEDC) Bert Cook and Thaddeus Cutler, SVI DYNAMICS located office space in the downtown area that was perfect for their operations.

SVI DYNAMICS now resides in the Kessler Lofts which have been completely updated with all new energy-efficient HVAC systems controlled independently by each loft, along with completely new electrical in all the lofts with plenty of outlets, new paint, and new windows.

“We hooked up with Bert (Cook) and Thaddeus (Cutler) about a month ago to tour some local spaces and we ended up coming back to this space here at 824 Lincolnway,” Schreeg said. “This space really fit the bill and it’s a great place for us to kick things off in La Porte County.”

SVI DYNAMICS has over 25 years of experience engineering and supplying gas path, as well as gas turbine and fan, solutions for power and process applications. They have used their experience in industrial noise control and being an industrial exhaust silencer manufacturer to become a leading turnkey supplier for gas path equipment.

With an array of customers around the country, SVI DYNAMICS has primarily always been an acoustics group working in industrial noise control.

“We do anything from site inspections to noise surveys of plants, designing a silencer for a fan or gas turbine and the designing of whole systems so it’s a very engineered approach,” Schreeg said. “We have our main sales, engineering, and program management here in La Porte, and we do rely heavily on administrative support from our corporate location for things we have in common.”

In speaking about GLEDC’s role in helping to bring the company to La Porte, Schreeg said, “They’ve been super helpful. They’ve been great as far as introducing us to options throughout the area. There weren’t any preconceived notions so they really gave us a good mix of property options to view and select.”

“You can feel the buzz a little bit here in La Porte County and in both major communities, Michigan City and La Porte,” Schreeg concluded. “We’re very excited to be a part of the La Porte community.”

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