Super Smoke Social Sparks a Fire For United Way of LaPorte County

By: Contribute Last Updated: March 9, 2012

The United Way of LaPorte County made a huge impact in the community with the 3rd Annual Super Smoke Social. The event sparked an excitement at the Blue Chip Casino Thursday evening as guests poured in from all over the country to be part of this amazing benefit. The event featured a multi-course dinner, complimentary cocktails, Ashton cigars, live entertainment and a live silent auction. “All the proceeds from this event go directly to United Way,” said the General Manager of Blue Chip Casino, Ted Bogich.

United Way will be happy with proceeds they receive, as many guests playfully outbid their friends and colleges in the silent auction. Guests bid on a wide assortment of items, from jewelry to autographed photos of Chicago sports figures, including Brian Urlacher, Derrick Rose, and Mike Ditka.


The silent auction was a hit and much appreciated, as all of the merchandise was donated towards this evening’s event. “We think it’s a great way to bring people together and have fun, enjoy the camaraderie, have good food a few drinks some cigars and of course some wonderful auction items. And it’s all for a good cause, to give to the United Way. And they in turn support various agencies and programs that are in need of assistance in this area. So it’s just a wonderful event,” continued Bogich.

The event was top notch, from the freshly prepared food to the Ashton cigars. Although the guests were treated to the best food, cigars and auction items, they never lost focus on what tonight was all about: The United Way. “The LaPorte County United Way is a great organization to benefit. We all really enjoy all the hospitality and everything that United Way can do in LaPorte,” said Scott Young.

Another guest, Tony Shivley said, “The United Way is a great organization all over— The United Way of LaPorte County, Lake County and Porter County. They’re all great organizations. Anything that we can do to help those organizations we try to do, as a company and as people. Blue Chip is a tremendous host to have with a lot of great people here.” Tim Foley, from Bit of Swiss in Stevensville, Michigan shared, “We really believe in the United Way and what they do.”

As everyone took a seat for dinner in one of the stunning rooms of the Blue Chip Casino, I was able to talk to Jack Elia, the Director of Operations and Hospitality at the Blue Chip Casino. “Blue Chip is very much involved with United Way. We like to partner with them and that’s what this is all about. It’s giving back to the community. We came up with the smoker idea and almost sold out last year. This year we have had 260 people come here and everything you see here is being donated back to the community.”

Overall, the event sparked unity in everyone who attended. This night wasn’t about the attendees, but about how they can give back to the community. It was all about the United Way of LaPorte County this evening.

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